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Edgy Teenagers
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Posted 7/24/15

Ariennae wrote:

I would say it's mainly because of all the movies around like Twilight and such where it's cool to be "edgy" and "dark", then you get a lot of younger teenagers who pick up on it and are like, "Oh, in the movie it was cool, if I do it i'll be cool?"
At least, that's what it was with me when I was 12-14 ish. Also, a lot of times mental illness is portrayed in a dark/edgy way (superwholock i'm looking at you), so you get a lot of people saying "omg lol i'm such a psychopath!!! I have DID and bipolar disorder i'm such a weirdo lol haha xD" or, in cases where they watch Sherlock, "i'm a highly functioning sociopath"


Who doesn't want to be special? I mean how horrible is it that your father and mother are both yes men/women and you have a roof over your head and food on your table. I'm strange, who isn't to some degree, I just don't get on facebook and tumblr and start pulling out crazy stories.
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Posted 9/18/15
Closed because OP nuked.
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