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Questionable Crunchyroll Advertisements
Posted 1/2/16

descloud wrote:

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

dragontackle wrote:

Get Premium and adds are the thing of the past

I thought this was about a background ad. :o

Dude I'm not even sure it's legal. I watched a short amount and am baffled how something like this got on CR.

What is? I was merely stating how I see background ads with adblock turned off and Membership on.
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Posted 1/3/16
Holy shit slimegirl boobs. I'm with ya, dude. We should also put t-shirts on monkeys at the zoo, and force women to either wear padded swimsuits when they swim or get the fuck behind closed doors. Put those things away they've been offensive since the day I was breastfeeding.

Serious time.
I find this thread to be ridiculous. I'm okay with it being here though because people can learn what is it is to be ridiculous. Monster Musume may be for a more niche audience than your average viewer. Sexual themes however, are not niche. Specially so for a 13 year old. By then you've likely been educated about sex as your body has likely already started preparing for it.

If this advertisement shocks some fragile ignorant mind or leads them to depravity, then it's likely an issue of parenting.
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