Danganronpa fans?
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Posted 7/24/15 , edited 7/24/15
I finally finished the 2nd game, and I loved it. I also loved the first game. I'm bit of a beginner for this "genre", and I might dip my feet into virtue's last reward/999 soon.
I watched the anime and I thought it was kind of a poor adaptation from the first game since it was so rushed.

I am a bit skeptical about the "another episode" game coming in the fall. It's a bit different from the 1st and 2nd since it is more of a third person shooter. I'm not really sure if it will hold up well.

Anyway, if any of you has played any of these games - what did you think about them, and what did you like/dislike from them (avoid spoilers unless tagged)!

For me:
it's the individual cases for playing detective that always keeps me on my toes, but also love the over arching story that happens behind the scenes - so many twists and turns that it really jump starts my psychological thinking!
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Posted 7/26/15 , edited 7/26/15
I completed the first Daganronpa game, and I loved it, when I first started playing I wasn't sure if I would finish the game but solving the mysteries was really entertaining, and it was cool to see how the overarching story came together. One of the main things I liked was the social sim aspect, when you got to interact with the characters, in between solving the murder cases.
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Posted 7/27/15 , edited 7/27/15

Fantastic games, like playing a psychotic version of Ace Attorney in a brightly-colored nightmare world. I prefer the second to the first, but much of its impact depends on the first game, so I feel it is important to play both of them together.
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