Pagan Min or Vaas Montenegro??
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Posted 7/24/15
as most would agree vaas and pagan are amazing villians, But which one is better? I'd love to hear your opinions. i have an issue deciding because both where so good id say they where even. while pagan had controll over everythig that happened just about and was a bad ass villian with fabulous clothes, vaas was the same. He was always 3 steps ahead of you and was insane and intense but so was pagan tho i feel pagan had much more control over his. the only diferences are pagan had all the money so he coul do anything anyways and pagan could control his intensity and crazy ness. but vaas did all that he did with little money. i wish they gave us a choice to kill vaas as well. the games was amazing but hoyt couldnt compare :(

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