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Character Creation
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Asami Hara ------
Race - Human

Age - 17


Paint summoning - Asami is able to use a special paintbrush that uses a magical paint which consist of the 4 elements being incorporated into water and strained through magic to create the paint. When she dips the paintbrush into the paint, she can paint anything she pleases and have it be created as a real life object. For example, if Asami paints a dog with her magical brush and paint, the dog will come to life.


Asami is a loyal, kind, but stubborn and free flowing kind of girl. She hates sticking with crowds and loves to be alone with her paintbrush and iPod. She takes her studies seriously to the point she may seem cold or uptight, even though she probably just wants to avoid an awkward silence with that person. Asami is quiet and loves to have her lunches in a garden due to all the colors that inspire her to create new objects with her Paint summoning technique. Due to her carelessness... She may have created some dangerous creatures and things from time to time with her brush, leaving her lectured by her aunt.
Asamj would always spend her afternoons with her parents in a colorful meadow surrounded by spirits when she was 10 years old. They would meditate for hours and then go straight home without saying a word to each other. Her family was very spiritual and would live in a temple on a low mountain to keep demons away from them. The reason why would be that Asami's parents were demon hunters and would always kill demons, so her parents would see only hatred in demons hearts. Asami thought different, she thought she could befriend a demon before her parents got home. Therefore, that night, she wandered off into the Ochea streets where demons lurked in the shadows. Singing a tune that only humans would sing, a demon leaped at Asami. She thought she would die..... But something worse happened.. Her parents jumped in front of Asami and saved her from the demon, and got killed. That's when Asami had a break down and ran away to her aunts house. Exactly, when she was 12. Her aunt introduced the Paint summoning brush that had been passed down for centuries of their family. Asami's aunt told Asami to find the demon who killed her parents and to get stronger. That's not what Asami wanted... No... She wanted to be normal and learn more about demons before killing them. So that's when The Imperial Academy came along to Asami's attention, she wanted to become smarter, stronger, and less cowardly, and she knew that this would be the place where she could achieve all of that
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Ah, I see. Here, is this good?:

Name: Lianna Kiro

Race: Human

Age: 24

Power: If people look into her eyes they're immediately frozen like statues until Lianna breaks eye contact, which is why she always keeps her eyes covered.

Personality: She tends to stay away from people and try not to get close to others at all. But if she does get close to someone at all, she'll defend them with her life. She's very loyal and caring, and she will always do what needs to be done no matter what the cost.

Bio: She lost her parents to demons when she was 14, and the demons tried to use their powers to take her under their control and enslave her. But their plan backfired when the powers instead went into her and she became able to freeze people like statues just by having them look into her eyes. But she didn't want to be able to do this, and she accidentally scared off all of her loved ones and friends; they accused her of being one of the demons and ran off, or sometimes they would just keep staring into her eyes to see if it was true, and eventually, she would be forced to kill them. In not too long, she was all alone. She felt so horrible, she put a mask on and refused to ever take it off, and she didn't want to get close to anyone ever again. Lianna vowed to get revenge for everyone, so she decided to become a spy. She'd fix her hair to make it look short, and because no one could see her eyes it already made her look male. She decided that while spying if anyone asked her name, she'd say Kiro, which was her last name but it didn't really matter since she had no family left. She went into the demon world and got a lot of information. If she was ever caught, she'd use her powers to be able to escape, but that's the only time she ever uses them. After many years she learned of the school. She decided to go there to sharpen her skills even further and achieve her goals to the fullest. She has also competed in Colosseum Maxima many times before.

As herself (Lianna):

As a spy (Kiro):
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Approved, and Ond you're job is demons only, thou it was a good call.

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