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Posted 9/4/15 , edited 9/4/15

Naomi Hara

Name - Naomi Hara
Age - 14
Race - human
Side note - Naomi is a SUPER genius

Just like her older sister, Asami hara, she's a magic type. What Naomi can do is that she has the ability to call the spirit animals with a flute and use the powers from the animal to fight.


Naomi is a bold and forward young girl who likes taking the lead in situations. She hates being treated like a baby and is,very strong + intelligent for her age. Naomi is close to Asami and looks up to Asami a lot.

Naomi was only 5 years old and was always hanging out with her sister, Asami Hara. Due to her sister constantly studying, Naomi started to copy asamis studying behavior, leading Naomi to become a genius just like her sister. When Naomi was 7, she got separated from her family after she came with her parents to watch them do their exorcist job. After a demon nearly attacked them, Naomi ran into the forest frightened. Thus, making Naomi lost and unfounded. All alone she came across animal spirits that raised her until she became 13. Those animal spirits gave her a flute that she could use whenever she needs to use it in combat. Therefore, Naomi found her way out the forest and decided to look for her older sister Asami. After that, she starts asking around town and found out her sister may be enrolled in.., imperial academy.
Posted 9/4/15 , edited 9/4/15

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