Which is Your favorite con?
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Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/29/15
My boyfriend and I plan to save money next year by only going to one convention for the whole year. This time we want to do something other than Dragon*Con. We want to go to the crem della crem of anime conventions.
So what do you guys think? Where is the best one? We are southern bound geeks but we are willing and wanting to travel out of our bounders to go.
We are looking for...
great anime dealers
We are big pvc collectors
Some over sea voice actors.
Video Games (not a must but good)

We normally go to Dragon Con, have been for the day to Momo and AWA but never stay the whole time only because Dragon takes away lot of our funds.
Thank you for your input.
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Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/30/15
It would help to know what your interests are, such as cosplay, video games, Japanese guests, etc.

Edit -

Most cons have a gaming room of some sort, so you won't have to worry about that. The other parts may be more difficult due to a variety of reasons. I'll let you make your description from my post, and hopefully others.

Anime Expo - Anime Expo meets all your requirements listed.

Pros -
Biggest anime con in the US.
Lots of foreign and domestic anime guests
Lots of concerts, a movie premier, anime viewing rooms, always something to do
Huge dealer room with several industry booths including Viz, Crumchy, Good Smile, etc.

Cons -
Biggest anime con in the US.
Expensive. If you want to stay reasonably close (a couple blocks away)to the con, you'll spend $1200 on a room for 5 nights. You can share with others, of course, but that opens a whole 'mother can of worms. Food prices are around $15-20 for most eateries around the con. Parking at hotels is $40/day, $20/day to park at the LACC.
If you don't buy a premier badge ($350 each), you'll spend most of your con experience waiting in line. There are lines for everything. And even with the Premier, it does not include dealer hall nor autograph lines. If you want an autograph, expect to begin to line up at 4 am to get just the ticket.
Everything is extra. If you want to see a concert, that's an additional fee. If you want to attend the masquerade, an additional fee.
There's no hotel transportation to/from LAX. If you do rent a car, I suggest taking an Airporter. They're about $20/person, one way.
Area outside of the LACC's couple block radius is dangerous. You're pretty much stuck at the con while you're there.
Lots of competition for "good" hotels. If you don't book within the first five minutes, chances are you won't get a room in that hotel.
Staff is often clueless or badge heavy.

SakuraCon - SakuraCon meets your requirements

Pros -
Great restaurant selection. The Washington State Convention Center is about 10 blocks away from the pier. Good variety of food in the area, with prices ranging from $10-$30+.
You can take the subway directly from the airport to downtown Seattle for $4 one way. It's an hour wide away from SEATAC.
Good amount of foreign and domestic guests
Good hotel room supply. Rooms are about $160/night. Most hotels are some distance away from the con (several blocks)
All inclusive con - everything is included in the membership price.
Dealer hall has a good vendor mix, with Good Smile present.

Cons -
Staff is very badge heavy
Long lines. Not as long as AX's, but still long
Rain. It almost always rains at SakuraCon. If you're a cosplayer, take that into account.
With the amount of people in the area, eating anywhere close by means a long wait. My advice - Don't eat at the Cheesecake Factory after Day 0.
Convention badges don't include a lanyard. Make sure to being one.

Animazement - Animazement meets all of your requirement

Pros -
Good selection of foreign and domestic guests, however, most foreign guests tend to have worked on older series.
Decent hotel room prices; The hotels are right across the street and are $120/night
Good, reasonable food in the area.
Attendee count less than 15K.
All inclusive con - concerts and all events are included in the badge price.

Cons -
Lots of meat. If you're a vegetarian, you're going to have a hard time finding places to eat.
Dealer selection is limited and there's usually a handful of vendors. This is not the place to find a rare figurine or a sweet deal.
Staff can be badge heavy to the point of insulting.
If you have any disabilities, do not go here. In addition to staff not allowing you to line up in a separate line, you will have difficulty just getting around the convention center and the city. Raleigh is not a very handicap friendly city.
Getting to the convention center requires that you either rent a car or hire an Airporter. It's actually about the same price either way, so add an additional $100 to your hotel fees.

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Posted 8/1/15
I've only been to local cons out here in Colorado. But the one my friends and I save up all year for is Nan Desu Kan. It's one of the biggest cons out here, yet still small enough that we can fit within a hotel. That means you don't need to commute or walk a few blocks to the actual convention. You can just take an elevator ride down into the fray. They've got a J Pop concert that Friday night, and a rave the following evening, so you don't have to worry about walking outside late at night either.
We've outgrown the hotel we were staying in for the past 15 years or so, and now we've moved to a bigger, much nicer, place. For one hotel room for 3 nights I'm looking at paying $600 to stay in the same hotel. Which could be much worse considering they give a discount to con guests.
There are so many other great things about this convention that I could go on and on. If you ever find yourself out here in the Mile High state, be sure to check out NDK in September!
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Posted 8/4/15
Anime Expo is probably the best con, they have everything there, huge dealer hall, the best guests from Japan, lots of voice actors, lots of activities/panels all day and night, huge gaming hall. Lodging doesnt have to be expensive either, i found a Airbnb room in downtown for $85/night a night and there's a free shuttle to the con that runs like every 20 minutes. if you want to explore LA you dont even need a car, you can just use Uber or Lyft.
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Posted 12/25/16
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