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Posted 7/25/15 , edited 8/13/15
I fear that I've caused some confusion with my vague description of this world being based in the 1900s. So I'll explain things here. This will be added to often. Pm me any questions and I'll answer them here.

First things first, this story takes place on the continent of Epis on the eastern shore of the Wenann. Due to a long history of trade, war, and exploration it is a very diverse continent and also the only place with such a large population of Magicks.
On the western side of the Wenann is Asun which is home to the mostly human countries of Resnad and Aslea which are always constantly at war with each other. War between these two countries have gone on for so long that the reason behind such a war is now a mystery and now so much hatred and deaths have built up that too much is at stake for the war to end.
Epis has a large Magick population and historians ponder and fight over whether or not they were there first.

This story takes place in a world that closely mirrors our technological advancements up until 1950.
Guns exist in this world, trains exist, radios exist, there are movies and movie theaters, cars, everything that was invented up until exactly 1950 exist in this world. Now, that doesn't mean you can just go wild. No one's characters should be able to walk around with military grade weapons just because they exist, it should make sense why they have them and how they got them. In Edrenway, while there is a black market and such weaponry should be hard to come by since the military is all but disbanded and even the gangs have a hard time getting weapons. The black market is larger in Crozgea where there are pirates and smugglers who make their fortune in all kinds of contraband. Coblen is very "old" and outdated when it comes to all kinds of technology.

Information of Poachers/Hunters
These are the people that hunt down and kill or sell Magicks on the black market.
They usually kill the "dangerous" ones. The Magick types that usually get sold are mermaids, elves, sorcerers, and fairies. Elves and fairies are most often sold into prostitution. Mermaids that are sold as usually kept as house pets and tanks and many rich people keep sorcerers around for miscellaneous acts.
The black market for Magicks is more popular in Crozgea where (since their close proximity to Coblen) aren't quite treated as equals and the country has too many problems to give much care to the rights of Magicks.
It does not take much to become a hunter/poacher. One only has to know another one or someone willing to pay to have a Magick killed or someone wanting to buy one. Not many skills are needed either unless the particular Magick that a poacher/hunter is hunting is far too dangerous to be approached without extra consideration.
There are professional hunters, not just ones that cater to underground cartels and such but ones that work for the government. This is more popular in Coblen where villagers band together and hunt after Magicks or rumors of them in their area.
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