Some Interesting Facts and mysteries about One Piece
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Posted 7/25/15
1. "Whitebeard" named Edward Newgate → His death represents the fall of the old era and the beginning of the new era, a new gate himself
2. If you put the names of "Whitebeard" and "Blackbeard" together, you would get Edward Teach, an actual English pirate.
3. Ace's tattoo has a the letter S crossed out, which alludes to Sabo's jolly roger when he first set sailed. Some predict that his original tattoo was AS * L, standing for Ace, Sabo, and Luffy and changed it to the one he has now.
3. Franky was originally named "Flame", implying his character and a direct opposite of his brother Iceberg
4.Thomas Hancock founded the rubber industry, and Boa Hancock is in love with Luffy, the rubber man. Not so surprising now, huh?
5. Robin is the only person in the Straw hats that dont make funny faces (like chin dropping and eyeballs flying out)
6. If Kalifa uses Tekkai to protect her chest, her boobs won't move
7. Binkusu no Sake, lyrics were written by Oda
8. Whitebeard's ship is called Moby Dick, and is designed like a great white whale.
9. The names of the 11 supernovas can be traced back to some pirate or adventurist. (Like X Drake name came from the 16th century English adventurist Francis Drake)
10. The Sea Kings that dragged Noah up, were the sea kings that Luffy first met when he just entered the Grand Line

There's a lot more, but I just want to say Oda is too amazing to be true. He has made manga look like Shakespeare. The story has layers of depth, lots of foreshadowing and allusions, multiple themes(dreams, inherited will, etc.), grand topics (freedom, history, political conflicts, corruption, etc), echoing, and more. But the most amazing thing is that Oda conveys all these messages by a layer of fun and exciting adventure. If you don't think while you read, you would see mostly friendship, dreams, good vs evil. But as you dig deeper and watch a couple more times, you will find that what lies under the surface is huge. If there was a Nobel prize for Manga, then One piece would definitely be the winner.

1. Where did devil fruits come from and how could a devil fruit encyclopedia when devil fruit powers are one per person?
2. Who are Sanji's parents and what is his background to have read the encyclopedia?
3. How strong is Zoro's first teacher, Koshiro, and why could he have obtain that meito sword,Wado Ichimonji
4. Why would Kuma work with the government but also be part of the revolutionary army? what was his backgrounds?
5. How strong is blackbeard previously if he could have left 3 scars on Shanks prior eating any devil fruit? And how strong is he now?
6. Where did Kuzan go after he lost with Sakazuki, what are his plans?
7. Will Luffy destroy fisherman's island? Or was the fortune telling wrong?
8. Of course, what is the will of D and what is one piece?
9. What is the implications of being a pirate king by Luffy's interpretation, to be the freest man on sea.

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Posted 7/25/15
Fact: One Piece is still on going.
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Posted 7/25/15
Only thing wrong about your facts is fact #9 as Killer’s name is based on anyone famous or has any meaning to it.

For mystery #6, the chapter release two weeks ago, tiger and the dog, hinted where Kuzan went.
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Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/25/15
There onces was a man name Gold Roger, who was king of the pirates.
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Posted 7/25/15
Obviously he will destroy the island, the prediction is never wrong. Anyone can see that coming.
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Posted 8/3/16

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