Wizard World 2015 Chicago August
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Hello All!

Is anyone attending Wizard World in Chicago in a few weeks? There is a great coupon on living social for Thursdays date. Only $23 for one day! I am debating on going. I went last year, and enjoyed seeing a lot of artwork. The cosplays weren't too bad either. Just shocked at the high price for autographs (Jason David Frank, Undertaker)

Feel free to message me if you are thinking of going, we could get a crunchyroll meetup!

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wizard world is here next week

would anyone want to go on thursday?
pm me i am thinking of going
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I might go to the convention on Saturday or Sunday.

Keep in mind that I say this while admitting that I'm not all that enthusiastic about the event. Also, my knowledge of comics and television is limited at best.
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I was going to maybe go to the one in Cleveland, OH but I guess they're all pretty different and Cleveland one isn't nearly as good? not sure though
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