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Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/25/15
Keep in mind this is on the Roku side, and Crunchyroll isn't involved:

While the article says, "..., and you won't be able to add any additional channels", I just set up a 2100X (Roku XD|S) for someone yesterday, and was able to add Crackle to the listed channels. Apparently that means you won't be able to add any new channels, but ones that existed prior to May 30, 2015 apparently can still be added (at least until they are updated).

The writing is on the wall, however. If you own one of these older Roku models, you should give serious consideration to upgrading.
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Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/25/15
Hopefully this won't happen with the 2011 models soon as well. I was actually thinking of buying another Roku 2 XD because they are so much cooler and more efficient than the Roku 1's and 2's (2013 models).

Seriously. Using the secret temperature menu, I found that my Roku 1 (2710) idles at 72 celsius or 161 Farenheit (as does my friends that I bought for him). And my Roku 2 (2720) idles at over 80 celsius and was pushing 100 while in use. It's now so jacked up that the plastic mold feels brittle and it crashes all the time when I try to use it. So I had to drill air holes into the plastic, remove the back piece, and now have to blow a fan directly into it. That brings it down to about 60 celcius when I use it, but it's still nothing compared to my Roku 2 XD that after heavy use maxes out at a whopping 45 degrees.

I'd be interested to learn what the hell they changed in their manufacturing process during that 2 year span of time. The "improved" psu and processor really haven't made a difference for me in performance, and are in fact a little laggier.
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