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Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/25/15
Hey CR,

I think it would be pretty useful to be able to define the order in which series sort themselves by default. Right now when you're on a series' page it puts newest episodes on top, which can be problematic since it's possible for thumbnails to spoil things...

It'd be nice to have an option in profile settings to set the behavior to sort by oldest first in order to avoid this kind of situation. Usually you can get around this with the queue, but that's not always an option.

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Posted 9/22/15 , edited 9/22/15
i think this would be a great idea. also, i think that the default for completed series that someone is looking at for the first time, should be not the most recent episodes, but the oldest... also, once you start watching that it would default to expanding the season you most recently watched.

not only because as you stated, newer thumbnails can pretty much spoil what is going to happen... but also that some people don't realize that the are starting in a latter season, and start watching and in the first 5 mins have the story of the episodes from the previous season(s) spelled out for them. which i am sure is frustrating for some people.

if you look at the comments in some of the multi season shows, you can find a lot of people commenting that they started watching the wrong season, or are wondering where the prior season is in some cases. a good example of this that i recently came across is AKB0048, where you find in the comments for season 2 episode 1 statements like, "I wish we could also see the first season!" or "Would this make any more sense if one had seen the first season?" which means that they didn't notice that the prior season was there in the first place.
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