Posted 7/26/15 , edited 7/26/15

Rule 1: No perfect/god mod character(s) allowed. So no Mary Sues.
Rule 2: This RP is rated M for Mature. Anything, including sexy stuff, gore, drugs and more is allowed. Please do take consideration of others though. Don't do anything 'dirty' to others' characters without their permission.
Rule 3: Please don't make extreme changes to your character(s) after they have been accepted. If you would like to change anything, contact myself or a mod.
Rule 4: Please do not use a character that has not been approved. If they have not been approved after a day of you posting it/them, contact myself or a mod.
Rule 5: You may create as many characters as you'd like.
Rule 6: No godmod roleplays.
Rule 7: Remember that you can only control your character (not those of others), unless you have the other person's permission. People are likely to be annoyed if you control their characters without warning...this includes their NPCs.
Rule 8: If you're RPing with someone in one area and they do not reply, I suggest you wait 24-48 hours for them to reply if they haven't mentioned a hiatus. If you do not receive a reply, feel free to move your character from the area.
Rule 9: If speaking out of character, please let others know by putting it in "(...)".
Rule 10: Please no quoting pyramids. Put your quotes in spoilers to keep the forums looking neat.
Rule 11: In roleplaying, many people enjoy the "skirt" rule. "Long enough to cover the essentials, short enough to be interesting." This will mean what it does, but it usually means three or four sentences that give your fellow roleplayers what they need to know to respond while keeping it short and sweet.
Rule 12: In respect to the skirt rule you do not need to have a huge block of text if your character is doing something that can be described in two or three sentences(EX:Your character is in a fight, or in a relatively fast paced conversation)
Rule 13: In order to maintain a more enjoyable atmosphere, remember to treat others with respect. You will be treated with respect in return. Ex. Never curse someone out; it gets you nowhere.

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