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Masao Sadou

Age :: 18

Gender :: Male

Hair color :: Black

Eye color :: Dark blue

Height :: 5'7"

Role :: Master

Magic :: Hemokinesis

Personality :: A bona fide sadomasochist, nothing pleases him more than when he is inflicting pain on others...except for perhaps when they come seeking retaliation. Whether it is physical, emotional, or psychological he loves pain. However, while hunting for new targets of torture he presents himself as a kind, warm, caring, and sympathetic individual who also tends to be on the meek side --- all of it a facde to conceal the soulless monster he truly is.

Biography :: Some would call Masao a tragic character. He spent his childhood being trained in the art of hemokinesis - blood manipulation, a taboo form of magic practiced by the Sadou family for generations which allows its users to manipulate their own blood into various weapons and projectiles - by a cruel father who saw his son as nothing but a failure. Deprived of warmth, love, or even basic human kindness Masao was never given the opportunity to learn what it truly means to be "human". His father passed away from unknown causes before he could complete Masao's training, and therefore Masao's skills are lacking when compared to the rest of his family; yet another reason for them to look down on him. With no one to teach him (or keep him restrained), Masao left his family home at age thirteen and moved into the city to seek a "normal" life. However, due to the Sadou Family curse - believed to be Divine punishment for using this forbidden magic - misfortune followed Masao. "People get hurt when they get close to me...I make sure of it." Lost in the poisoned sea of his own depraved mind, Masao's ultimate goal is to find his "one true love": The one person who can not only survive being dragged into the Abyss, but thrive in it as he has!

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I like it. Approved.
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Chloe Hortensia
Age :: 18
Gender :: Female
Hair color :: Pink
Eye color :: Blue/Grey
Height :: 5’4
Role :: Student Council President
Magic :: Eh...
Personality :: Chloe is pretty level headed most of the time. She can be quite shy around those she barely knows. She is independent and goes for what she wants. She is confident in her work especially as Student Council President. To others, she comes off as arrogant.. it's not too far from the truth but most overlook it due to her charm.
Biography :: Losing her mother at such a young age, Chloe was taken in by relatives instead of being under the care of her father who never showed much interest in her. As she grew older, she was fully aware of the type of man her father was and absolutely despised him. She swore she would never end up like him but at times found herself becoming more like the man she hates. She tried to live a normal life as much as possible. She goes to school like a normal teenager would and participates in school activities. From the outside, she is a normal teenager but behind closed doors, there is much more going on inside her.

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TRUE NAME :: Caliban Iuz
GENDER :: Male
HAIR COLOR :: Blonde w/ reddish-black bangs
EYE COLOR :: Green
HEIGHT :: 220 cm (7'2")
ROLE :: Servant

PERSONALITY :: Caster is a self-centered, sadistic and arrogant ruler. As a half-demon, Caster understands little on human feelings and is usually uninterested in humans. He considers all those around him as inferior. He believes that all who look upon him, when he honors them with his presence, should be able to recognize him instantly, and feels that the ignorance of not knowing him is worthy of death.
BIOGRAPHY :: Caster was a great half-demon, half-human emperor born from the union of a the demon Ba'al and an unknown noblewoman. He ruled for decades after having seized the role of emperor by force and manipulation. He was an ultimate, transcendent being so diabolical as to be two-thirds demon and one-third human, and no others in the world could match him. His title, Demon Emperor, is not meant to call him a king who is a demon, but instead implies that he is the emperor of all demons.
7 Weapons of the Demon Emperor
Caliban's collection of "weapons" that he can summon from his 'domain'


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Both approved
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Due to the fact that she is one of the youngest siblings, Soleil wasn't taught how to expand her knowledge on magic like her older brother, Yamato, so we would spend her time during the day doing other things.
Maybe she'd even listen in on some of Yamato's magic sessions?
Soleil knows fully well that Yamato probably doesn't like her as much as she likes being around him, but she still tends to hang around him from time to time to see what information she could possibly get out of him.
P R I N C E S S S O L E I L _ R Y U U D O U



Soleil is a very observant girl, but she tends to act very childish on the outside. Because of this, people treat Soleil as if she were just a simple child, and she is pretty thankful for it since she actually does like being treated like a child.
However, for a little "Princess", she can be a little demon when she's pretty mad, or she just wants something.
She always needs to get her way with things, so "no" is not an answer she takes very well.
Even though she doesn't seem to pay much attention to it, Soleil is always trying to figure out what her older brother, Yamato, is up to all the time since she holds no knowledge of The Grail War.
{ P R I N C E S S }

Can get anyone wrapped her little finger in a matter of seconds.
She knows weak Gandr magic, but doesn't care much about it to actually use it.
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TRUE NAME :: Nicholas D. Wolfwood
GENDER :: Male
HEIGHT :: 6'4
ROLE :: Servant

Noble phantasm:Flaming Steed/ War Chariot
Summons 10 Lower class riders Max each one holding a weapon to be used in combat
Flaming Horses can cause terrain damage and spread their flames through their steps.
The Horses can also "Run on air" Giving him a lift in the sky if needed.
PERSONALITY :: Rider is a Straight forward,Loud and proud Soldier who has lead many warriors to victory through his magnificent leadership qualities. As a Soldier he understands that all that matters is victor and nothing else as a result he has been considered a war god amongst his commanding officers due to his Ruthless Traits when ceasing victory.

BIOGRAPHY :: Rider was a soldier that fought in a war long ago who lead his army to victory on many battlefields. He always did what was needed to achieve victory but at the same time realized that victory comes at a heavy price that made him rethink the roles of soldier and leader.He believed their to be coup within his own army but realized this to late and was struck down by those that he considered friends. He left behind three sons and wife.

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Kinda iffy about the whole no face thing... But I'll approve it nonetheless.
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Name : Masou
Age : 18
Gender : Male
Hair color : Black
Eye color : Dark Green
Height : 5’10”
Role : Master
Magic : Strengthening

Personality : A curious person who upholds a specific set morals above even his own life. He has the capacity to understand many things, but has a crippling way of life that leads him to only care about things he likes. He is generally very lax and easy to get along with, but once he get’s serious it’s do or die. Over time he has learned a more mature way of talking but tends to revert to a more unrefined tongue when he gets excited.

Biography : The only son of a man who possessed the Eyes of Magic Perception which allows a person to see traces of magic in ways no one else can. Masou inherited this but feels cursed by it because he can't turn it off. Since it gives him a wider vision range, he wears glasses on occasion to help him concentrate on what's in front of him. In other words they're reading glasses. While his father honed his skills and memorized countless spells to both perceive and counteract any obstacle, he chose to train his own body and learned only one type of spell, strengthening. He loves martial arts and taught himself many techniques from various styles. He enjoys trying new moves. In addition he has developed a method to strengthen his own body but just like with any strengthening, the thing being strengthened has a limit. He cannot continuously pour magic into his body for too long without causing lasting damage. Masou had become independent at an early age as his father traveled around a lot but he never hated him for it. Masou has always admired his father and at his core wishes he was more like him. One year prior to the current Holy Grail War, Masou was placed in protective custody inside his father’s librarium. He wasn’t told why and to his dismay, he also wasn’t told how to get out. There was enough food and water to last for a long time. It was like a magic fallout shelter. With nothing better to do he spent his time reading the vast collection of books. It’s there that he learned about magi and the Holy Grail War. He had no luck in finding an exit to this place and out of boredom decided to try summoning a servant. His fate was sealed.

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