Summer Games Done Quick 2015
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Posted 7/26/15 , edited 7/26/15
It's SGDQ time again!

What's SGDQ? It's Summer Games Done Quick, a week long marathon of speed running various games, both old and not so old, for charity and for the love of games. Millions of dollars have been raised by the GDQ marathons for multiple charities and this time they are raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

Check it out here:

And here's the schedule:

It's often some amazing stuff and the cause is great too.

Any games in particular you're looking for? Any thoughts on the GDQ marathons in general?

Personally I've seen many of the big runs in previous years but the Castlevania block is always enjoyable. Ori and the Blind Forest and Deus Ex HR should be cool as well.

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