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Angel Beats (contains spoilers)
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Posted 7/29/15 , edited 7/29/15

BobbyDragon1r7 wrote:

I'm sorry if I but this one the wrong thread it just that I believe how others talk about it it's like a general discussion. ntre I don't hate on people. I kinda agree with your opinion. It sounds very reasonable. So the place the anime took in was basically a Limbo.

Now this is my next questions. (sorry I'm kinda dumb)

What is this VN or visual whatever you guys are talking about?

You guys saw how they just said bye or something and they just disappeared right? So do they think of something they have achieved or once they achieve it they disappear?
-Because back in the story the girl who wanted to sing. Finally finished her song and graduated or when he plays a game of baseball and catches the ball so he graduated. But in the end the 5 left. Just hugged or cried etc. and they graduated so I'm kinda confused.

Now, this is just my take from the anime. I could be wrong across the board but this is how it seemed to me.
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Posted 1/23/17
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