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Posted 4/24/16 , edited 4/24/16
upon digging deeper, it seems that no content is available

get a no content available error

here are some pics

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Posted 4/29/16 , edited 4/29/16
The constant buffering and micro-pauses when streaming are making it a real chore to get through any episode currently. I'm now defaulting to Hulu whenever they also carry the show, despite the inferor quality.

I really hope this is getting some dev attention.
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Posted 5/11/16 , edited 5/12/16
I also had the empty queue issue. I had to uninstall and reinstall because i was getting an error when trying to logout so couldnt logout. I hadnt used the app un a month or more.

Also getting 4by3 content stretched like bleach season 8 episode 167.

After getting premium on my PC i also had to logout and back in on my nvidia shield to see the change.

I dont have buffering issues here.
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Posted 5/31/16 , edited 5/31/16
I noticed a small bug with Android TV app : I often change languages from/to French and English, as I prefer French subtitles for animes that have it.
When I change the language in the settings and go back on home screen, my queue isn't refreshed for the selected language (e.g. when I switch to French, I still have my entire queue, including animes than only have English subtitles). I have to enter in "My queue" menu and go back to home screen a second time to force refresh, and only display animes with French subtitiles.

I also have problem with 4:3 animes stretched to 16:9 (e.g. Yakitate Japan, Cats'Eyes, ...)

Thanks a lot in advance :-)
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