"Why That Shouldn't Be The Last Naruto Movie"
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Posted 7/27/15 , edited 7/27/15

I gotta say I enjoyed it as a Naruto movie, but I didn't think this was a good "last" Naruto movie. It had some nice scenes, particularly the Naruto/Hinata moments.

I like that Hinata was given a lot of screen time on her own and had a significant contribution to the story. Naruto has never really been an anime where the female characters play an important role in the events. I get that it's shonen but while there are a few strong female ninjas, they're often benched to non sensible subplots or to be the side kick.

But in terms of plot, this film took a hard hit from the boring villain and the boring moon subplot.

I don't think anyone was really at the edge of their seat wondering if the moon was going to fall and destroy the Earth. It's a Naruto movie, we're here to see Naruto and his friends on an adventure. If you're introducing a new villain and a new obstacle that isn't related to the canon, let it take the back burner as much as possible, because no one is interested in it. And most of the movies do a good job of finding that balance, but not this one. That was one of it's weaknesses.

In terms of strengths, those scenes of Naruto and Hinata's memories are tangled together through the scarf, that was beautiful. There's not a more perfect way in an animated film to have Naruto recall memories of Hinata, than to physically journey through the memories. That was fantastic.

But speaking of Naruto recalling memories and feelings, the quick explanation of Naruto's love for Sakura didn't do a good job of resolving the previous 15 years of build up of their relationship. At least for me. They tried to play off his love for Sakura as part of his competition with Sasuke. Which seemed like a last minute cop-out, since that's not how it was portrayed in the manga or the anime. They could have easily just had Naruto realize he didn't love Sakura in that way anymore, rather than brush off his romantic feelings as him being competitive.

It's so clear that Kishimoto intended for Naru/Saku because of what happened at the end of the Pain arc. They addressed it in this movie (Kind of), but Hinata confessed her love to Naruto before being killed by Pain, and yet at the end of the Pain arc Sakura hugging Naruto was the climax of the victory celebration. While Hinata stands on the sidelines with everyone else. Even if they weren't really planning on Hinata being the love interest at that time, wouldn't a better climax be Naruto hugging Hinata? I don't know, either way they were clearly setting up an eventually relationship between Naruto and Sakura.

But Sakura is always claiming that she is in love Sasuke. When in our eyes as an audience, it's only clear that she thought he was hot when she was a kid.

I'm sorry but can I just talk about Sakura for a moment?

They never give any explanation or rationale to her "love" for Sasuke. I get that she had crush on him in the first series. Be he has since tried to kill her and Naruto repeatedly.

Anyone else feel really awkward during that scene where Ino is crying about Sasuke being a wanted criminal? I remember thinking...you had feelings for him? I thought you just thought he was hot in school.

But just like Ino, Sakura just claims that she loves him, so we're expected to buy it.

Naruto's friendship with him is easier to grasp as an audience member because Naruto clearly understands that Sasuke is a child of revenge and tragedy. Having suffered his own similar tragedies and isolation, Naruto can relate to Sasuke. They are constantly symbolized as opposite sides of the same coin in a sense. And I'm sure Sakura wants to save him from himself in the same way, but she's really in love him?

And listen I'm a fan of the show but Sakura is so consistently underwritten. Outside of her relationships with Naruto and Sasuke, we know nothing about what she wants or who she is. While Naruto and Sasuke's backstories are very elaborate and constantly expanding with new information about their past, Sakura's only backstory has been that she broke off her friendship with Ino because she decided she had a crush on Sasuke as well. That's the only thing we know about her. We don't even see her family until the Road to Ninja film in 2012, 13 years into the franchise. And that movie is technically non-canon. It's okay that the main story is about Naruto and Sasuke, but even side characters like Konohamaru have had more character insight than Sakura. I remember in the Road to Ninja movie, they showed her eating some type of junk food or something. Which was supposed to symbolize her defiant behavior now that her parents were gone, but I remember thinking...I didn't even know what type of food she likes. I don't know anything about her life, maybe she already eats that every night, I have no idea.

Her only conflicts have been that she feels pale in comparison to Naruto and Sasuke. She only became such a prominent medical ninja through her guilty feelings of weakness and uselessness compared to Naruto. But didn't she spend most of the first series denouncing Naruto for being a dumb, loser Ninja, even after he spent the entire series saving her life. I don't care who gets into a relationship in any shonen series to be honest, but wouldn't it make sense for Sakura to fall in love with Naruto after he consistently supports her and stays by her side. I think if they're trying to make a her a role model for young girls, that would be a nice message to give to girls. That even though Sasuke is supposedly the hot, bad boy, Naruto is fun, reliable, and a better person.

But Sakura is supposed to be the main female protagonist, yet her only role is the series and this film is usually to either to be Naruto's unhelpful sidekick or to scold him. At least in this film she is scolding him for mostly understandable reasons, unlike in the anime. They tried to give Sakura a nice moment of achievement during the war when she wants to fight along side Naruto and Sasuke. But it just felt a little over the top, since the audience knows that no ninja from the leaf will probably ever be as strong as Naruto or Sasuke, especially not Sakura.

Sorry, back to the movie...

So more importantly if this is to be the last Naruto movie, they should have given more spotlight to the supporting characters. It should have been more of a celebration of the Naruto franchise, which is more so what "Road to Ninja" felt like. You could still have the Naru/Hina love story be the core of the film, but maybe have every prominent supporting character contribute to the story in nice way. Like those scenes in the war against Obito and Madara, where Team 7 reunites and everyone has their moment to shine.

Even the tone and the feel of the movie is uncharacteristically somber and quiet. With no quintessential Naruto gags like Naruto making dumb mistakes or being goofy. I get that he's older, but he's not that much older and he can't be that much different. Again, in Road to Ninja, the film opens with a a classic Naruto gag where Naruto bursts into battle after the whole team agrees to remain covert.

To be honest I didn't even think Road to Ninja was that great, and "The Last" is actually a better film as a whole but Road to Ninja is definitely a better "Naruto" movie. Road to Ninja has humor that only a Naruto fan can enjoy, The Last does not. Although I think most Naruto fan cans enjoy those scenes of Naruto as a celebrity in the beginning of The Last. In moments like that I always feel like I'm Iruka, like "Hey I liked Naruto before it was cool!" lol By the way, I love Naruto and Iruka's relationship, that first episode still makes me cry every time.

But if this is the big screen conclusion to a 15 year long story, I think they should have had more fun with it. Maybe have the movie be more of a love letter to the fans and include all the elements that the fans love about the franchise like the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods film did well.

Maybe bring Jiraiya back the way they brought back Itachi for Sasuke to have closure.

Maybe have all the original 11 shinobi contribute to the final climax, or maybe 12 including Sasuke.

Maybe Naruto has to do some training to defeat the new villain. Which could have brought back that famous Naruto theme which we all fell in love with in the first place. The idea that even a kid with no talent can work his ass off to be great, he just has to work hard enough.

Maybe Naruto has to learn something that requires talent, but instead he uses guts and perseverance to achieve it.

Did anyone else love it when they played an old Naruto theme song during the final fight? Imagine that original Naruto "Main Theme" during the final fight maybe after he pulls off a big, new technique that he'd been trying the whole movie to learn. I'd be in tears lol One of my favorite moments in the first series is when he pulls off the first rasengan.

But a final idea I had was to maybe hint at and/or lead to Naruto's eventual Hokage title.

My favorite part of the whole movie was the end credits... and I'm not being snarky or sarcastic lol During the credits they showed the whole ensemble celebrating at Naruto's wedding. As a fan of Naruto, I got a little misty eyed seeing Iruka putting on Naruto's tie. But instead of the wedding, how great would it have been to see all of Naruto's friends and mentors (and wife) celebrating at his Hokage ceremony.

Even better…(Naruto fans get your tissues out) How amazing would it be to see a temporarily re-animated Jiraiya attend Naruto's Hokage ceremony?! And maybe there's a gag where he acts all polite while meeting Hinata, but then turns to Naruto and get's all pervy when congratulating him on marrying such a beautiful woman like Hinata. And maybe he can have a final moment with Tsunade at the ceremony...

Obviously I'm not a Kishimoto, but seeing as how he was involved I do think this film was a missed opportunity at saying a big screen, heart-felt goodbye to Naruto fans all over the world. Instead they give a big chunk of the movie's screen time to a random one-dimensional villain and a lot of action adventure filler.

Sorry for anyone who really enjoyed the movie, I mean no disrespect to you or Kishimoto. I'm just a fan, and I look forward to Boruto the movie. I don't usually write reviews. But I started writing in a comment for a video review of the movie, and the comment was getting way too long lol So I thought well I'm getting a lot of ideas, where would I post this type of thing.
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Posted 7/27/15 , edited 7/27/15
Like I keep saying, Byakugan.
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Posted 7/27/15 , edited 7/27/15
Boruto movie confirmed.

Status: not yet aired.

Logic: after "Naruto The Last Movie"
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Apparently the Release Date

August 7, 2015

October 10, 2015

Yeah they could do a few more movies for Naruto.... which they will probably do down the line////
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Posted 7/27/15 , edited 7/27/15
This series will be milked for a long time, so expect more.
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CKD-Anime wrote:

This series will be milked for a long time, so expect more.

I know lol who knows what could happen in Boruto
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Deadstarwebseries wrote:
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I've closed this because there's already an active thread for discussing this movie. Please share your thoughts there:


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