Any fans of the Japanese band SCANDAL? (スキャンダル)
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Posted 7/29/15 , edited 7/30/15
---I realise this is excessively long, I probably shouldn't have answered the questions myself / provided so many questions but otherwise I didn't think anyone would have anything to talk about please don't judge my fanboyishness---

So, any fans of the Japanese band SCANDAL? (kinda getting tired of writing it in all caps so I'm just gonna write it as Scandal from now on)

If you are...
1. Do you own any of their albums/singles/DVDs? If so, which ones?
2. Do you own any merch (besides what's mentioned above)?
3. Favourite song?
4. Favourite band member?
5. Ever seen them live?
6. How did you discover them?
7. Do you know any similar bands to recommend to others?
8. (bonus question) Favourite instrumental section/solo? (i.e. guitar or bass solo, drum fill etc.)

feel free to answer any or all of these questions

I'll start
1. I have 4 of their albums; Queens are Trumps, Hello World, Encore Show (the B-Sides album) and the Greatest Hits one only released in Europe, no singles or DVDs yet though. :(

2. Unfortunately no, I really want a poster or two but the only one ever produced seems to have been for the Baby Action album so sold out years ago.

3. I'm gonna cheat and say several, 声 (Koe) is probably the song that first comes to my head when I think of my favourite song by them but others include 君に嫉妬中 (Kimi ni Shittochuu) -seriously underrated track imo-, GIRLism and then I guess the absolute classics HARUKAZE and 少女S (Shoujo S). To be honest there isn't a single song by them I don't like so I love the vast majority of their discography but whatever.

---as a bonus sidenote, has anyone ever heard/seen either of the two tracks by Dobondobondo, Mami and Tomomi's fake rap subunit, どぼんどぼんどのテーマ (Dobondobondo no Theme) and ちぇりーじゃむ (Cherry Jam)? The video for どぼんどぼんどのテーマ is hilarious not gonna lie, also I'm pretty sure one of Timo's lyrics is something like 'my mom went to India, saw a panda and bought a hot sandwich,' you should look them up if you haven't heard them already.

4. Mami's my favourite by a long shot, I love all the others of course but her hair and her guitar and she always looks so happy hnnnnggg also she spends more time watching anime and reading manga than the rest of the band (pretty sure she has proclaimed herself an otaku on multiple occasions) so pretty relatable as well for a lot of us on here.

5. Unfortunately I've never seen them live because the one time they've actually come to the UK I didn't realise until the day of the concert.

6. I can't remember exactly what I was looking up, but shortly after I discovered anime I was looking up some anime theme songs and 会わないつもりの、元気でね (Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne) was suggested on the side of pretty much every video so eventually I clicked on it and my obsession went from there.

7. Well I mean I guess Stereopony are about as close as you're gonna get, I know of others like Gacharic Spin etc. but none I've listened to really do it for me as well as Scandal.

8. I know this is a bit of a specific question so I'll just give an example of all three to explain what I mean, my favourite guitar solo is probably the one from either お願いナビゲーション (Onegai Navigation) or 星の降る夜に (Hoshi no Furu Yoru ni) although the experimental-sounding slide/shred solo Mami does at the end of BURN is pretty insane (the live version is a lot better than the album version, it sort of gets lost in the CD mix). For bass solo I know there aren't really a whole lot of examples but the small solo in Hi-Hi-Hi is awesome. Drums, again I realise there aren't many notable drum fills but Rina's drumming in Rock 'n' Roll Widow really excels her usual drumming imo, especially the bit right before Mami's guitar solo.

---sorry if this was excessively lengthy I got a bit carried away, this is my first new forum thread haha---
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This is probably the largest post Ive ever seen written in this section.
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yeah I kind of feared that was probably the case I got a bit carried away I've never really been on the forums before lol
my bad
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