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Posted 7/29/15 , edited 7/29/15
So for the past couple weeks I have been having an issue where one piece will not load on the app. Every other show works properly just one piece will show a black screen and then an error notification that crashes the app. I have been able to get episodes to load by selecting them, counting to ten, then backing out over and over until it finally loads. I have cleared my history, re downloaded the app, checked my connections, deleted all other shows in queue and nothing seems to resolve this issue. Does anyone out there have any suggestions I can try or is anyone else experiencing this issue. It's very frustrating to pay money for buggy service.
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Posted 8/4/15 , edited 8/5/15
YEP!!! Same thing here. I was kind of wondering if it has anything to do with a high amount of people streaming the show (because it's so big) because it is much easier to get the show to load after peak hours - let's say 1am at night (EST) - So I typically watch Netflix until later at night then finally put one piece on. HOWEVER, seemingly on my days off work, if i binge watch it - it gets slow during peak hours, but I can typically continue watching it.
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Posted 8/5/15 , edited 8/6/15
Having the same problem but only on my Xbox one and only with one piece. It varies on how bad it gets.
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