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How do you feel about most guys with pierced ears in anime being delinquents?
Posted 7/29/15
thought it was the cigarette that did it.
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Posted 8/1/15 , edited 8/1/15
In this day and age, like newer anime, I'd think nothing of it, especially in Japan where men are considerably more effeminate in dress, manners, and other things than western guys.
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Posted 8/1/15
Hmm I don't live in Japan so I'm not sure if it is true but I guess that it is the stereotype that most people with pierced ears would be delinquents and well...just like the US, stereotypes rule the world so...ya

To me, it really depends what type of piercing you get and how many you get and ofc your facial expression and tattoos that determines whether you are a delinquent or not, but ofc again there are exceptions to that. It is the mainly accepted stereotype though and it probably is the same in Japan as it is in the US.

But to tell you the truth I don't really care either way.
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