Windows 10 Privacy and what is the Advertising ID.
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Posted 7/30/15
Since there is some talk about this on the forums and the majority of it is wrong no one actually researches how this stuff works. Yes at varying times I have worked at Microsoft currently I am not working there I have done testing and support I had to know this inside and out for both jobs.

Before you comment on this thread read the privacy policy, and understand what Microsoft uses and how they use it.

The privacy policy

Note at no time do they sell this data they will provide if needed like when you make a purchase through the Microsoft store to a third party. They have to share it since you are making a purchase.

What is the Advertising ID in laymen’s terms it is an alpha numeric identifier assigned to the device that allows Microsoft to provide targeted advertising based on your current location. They use this number to hide who you are from themselves and from those companies that they have control over in regards to adevertising. This only impacts app’s that are build using the Advertising SDK and provides a second source of income to those developers. This has been around since Mobile 7 in one form or another here is the write up on it from Windows 8.1 for the SDK. Note turning off the Advertising ID does not stop ad’s you will still get them they just won’t be personalized for you and they will still appear in App’s that use the SDK.

Windows Advertising program

As for speech, inking and typing, Inking is handwritten input to a device so if you are using a tablet that allows for handwritten input this impacts you. Speech this is to improve Cortana’s speech recognitions the more samples they have the better overtime it will become. Typing if you enable Cortana this only impacts the field where you type in your questions. Don’t want Microsoft to track this disable “Getting to know me” and turn it off.

Now refer to the privacy statement Microsoft has a history of beating up Google over this in advertising. They are able to get away with this because guess what Google does the things Microsoft is saying they're doing. Notice Google isn’t coming back stating Microsoft is doing the same thing the reason for this is Google would get into hot water for a false statement. Microsoft goes out of their way in this regard yes they have a bad rap for some behavior but in this area they beat Google and Apple. I will trust my data with Microsoft before I ever trusted with Google.

Remember the Hotmail scandal
And what Microsoft did in reponse.

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Posted 1/26/17
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