"One Piece" manga to recieve Kabuki adaptation
Posted 7/30/15 , edited 7/31/15

The staff of the previously announced kabuki stage play inspired by Eiichiro Oda's One Piece manga announced the play's cast in an event on Tuesday.

The play will adapt volumes 51-60 of the manga, a portion of the story known as the "Paramount War Saga." In the story, Luffy attempts to find his brother Ace and save him from execution, while a war erupts between the World Government and the Whitebeard Pirates.

Kabuki, which translates to "the art of singing and dancing", is an ancient form of Japanese culture in which only men are used to portray characters through singing, dancing, and acting.

Image of Luffy, as played by Ichikawa Ennosuke IV --

The play opens in Tokyo on October 7, and runs until November 25.

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