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Post Reply Kiss Him, Not Me. Who do you ship Serinuma with?
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17 / F / my bedroom
Posted 12/23/16
Posted 6/19/17
This anime was okay but the ending was so predictable.
Posted 6/27/17
Mutsumi so sweet and doesn't mind her weight or what her interests are. He's happy that she's happy :] .
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Posted 7/11/17
chose undecided but really its Nishina
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Posted 2 days ago
LOL well, maybe that's just because he's my type (megane/glasses-wearing character bias)
but... even without his glasses... I loved him for having seen her when she was invisible.

but I wouldn't mind if Nanashima got Serinuma since he hit it off real well with Serinuma, even if he made fun of her (that's just the type of character he is, he's frank and funny, but he's a nice guy.)

Yes... Nanashima and Serinuma should end up together so I can have Mutsumi for myself ufufufu~
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