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Will cosplaying ever go out of style?
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Posted 7/31/15
I think it might get to be more popular.

When I was a kid everyone wanted to be the hero . . . but dressing like them was considered . . . . mentally unsound..... Now, not so much.

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Posted 7/31/15
I think at some point cosplay might actually end up influencing style. Media which inspires cosplay is becoming more and more mainstream and the mainstream is what inspires style.
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Posted 8/1/15 , edited 8/1/15

HuastecoOtaku wrote:

As long as attractive women continue to cosplay it will never go out of style

bernardwheelerjr wrote:

In a word. No. Once cute Japanese girls started doing it it went from acne riddled american trekkie nerds to an international sensation lol

Both 100% true. And add that now female anime fans and gamers are a common thing.
But who knows, like most things, when it becomes too popular it then becomes un or less popular.
Who knows, maybe there will be future generation where girls aren't into gaming and anime and sci fi and etc like it used to be?
Probably and hopefully not.
Otter Modder
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Posted 27 days ago
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