Is it time for an ignore button?
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Posted 7/31/15
Ignore buttons are kinda counter intuitive to how forums work. They work for places like social media were people can harass you but on a forum a mod should be the arbitrator of such situations.
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Posted 7/31/15 , edited 7/31/15

VZ68 wrote:

Might help a little bit with forum control.

Beardfist's unofficial extension adds this functionality, along with a number of other features. I don't use that feature myself, so I can't say how well it works.

Nice icon, by the way.
Posted 8/3/15 , edited 8/3/15
Just don't comment/look at the thread.
Posted 8/3/15 , edited 8/3/15

VZ68 wrote:

Much rather be complete and not have to deal with stepping over horse turds.

Oddly enough, an ignore button sure would keep the mod's workload down.

Again, Just ignore/don't comment in it.

Mods shouldn't care what's posted as long as none of the Forums rules are broken.
Maybe if people don't complain about seeing threads they don't like & complain about how much they don't like it in the thread, then it would keep the mods workload down.

Is it really hard for people to just ignore something?
Posted 8/3/15 , edited 8/3/15

VZ68 wrote:

That's why I'm trying to do.

Ignore something.

And you don't need a button for that.

What you need is maturity & know when to ignore things no matter how much you hate them.
Because people are gonna like & talk about things you don't like, no matter how much it irritates you.
Posted 8/3/15 , edited 8/3/15
The mods aren't here to baby & cater you guys.

There is no need for a ignore feature for threads.
Posted 8/3/15

Posted 8/3/15 , edited 8/3/15

VZ68 wrote:

Thank you for showing why we need an ignore button, following me around and harassing me on the forums.

Since when was I following you around? You bumped the thread, I saw it, now I'm commenting on my thoughts on it.
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