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Is Anime Trying to Train Its Fans?
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Posted 8/1/15 , edited 8/2/15

MrSurvivor wrote:

Well there's alot of anime that appeals to otakus, so maybe the anime directors are just trying to get the otakus to well...get healthier. I think sometimes the lessons are really for real and stuff but most of the other times I think it's for the humor and the laugh like when an anime protagonist talks about a real world problem like internet and other's just funny that way :P

animegirl2222 wrote:

I've bought some merch, but not a lot, I consider myself pretty independent and rather immune to subliminal advertising and most advertising in general, though to be fair I don't subject myself to a lot of advertising online since I find it usually to be
a. invasive
b. annoying
and c. filled with viruses

which is why i use adblock

i buy what i want and no company tells me what to buy, no anime tells me what to buy, blah blah blah, i'm a strong independent woman who don't need to waste all her money on no animu merch, as i need FOOD

Ya and I agree with you I do want to buy some merch eventually to like put in my room and stuff to show to others but the lack of internet credit and well being a student as well as having *not so understanding* parents makes me hesitant. I'm also not really a person that is gullible to advertising; based off of my own thoughts I (sadly?) always think of every advertisement firstly as being bad and I always look at the small print and stuff first before I actually look at the ad itself to consider it (like reverse mortgage and stuff ugh).

When I was 13 years old, I got a fake antivirus program on my old XP machine that basically caused it to CONSTANTLY have Blue Screens of Death even after it was fixed, and then another one like a year later on my NEW XP machine, I got ANOTHER fake AV from an AD. While I haven't had any problems since I've switched to Win 7, I have NEVER turned off my adblock. Even if a site tries to demand I turn it off, I try and find a workaround. Ads can often be malicious in their coding, even if they LOOK harmless.

I'm quite content with my small merch collection right now: A few t-shirts, scrolls, and a couple figurines. My room is teeny, so I don't have a lot of room to fit anything else, even if I wouldn't MIND it.
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Posted 8/1/15 , edited 8/2/15

SurvivingHorror wrote:

Recently I re-watched the anime Lucky Star , and at one point, Konata said that she collects three of everything she likes. She says one is to use, one is to lend, and one is to seal away forever. The funny thing is, I've never seen, or heard anyone really say they do this. The only times I've ever heard this, is in an anime. So I'm wondering if the creators of anime, were trying to train it's fans.

Konata is supposed to be an uber-fan (anime, games, you name it). In Japan, that's supposed to make her the "hopeless" butt of fan-culture jokes, except that here, we like her for it, since we wouldn't mind having an active fangirl like her in our circles. Cultural differences.
So we miss most of the fan-poking jokes that the Japanese would laugh at immediately--"What, there's something wrong with collecting spare copies to archive??"
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