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Posted 8/2/15
Hey guys, does anyone have some good tutorials? I want to get back into art in order to help deal with the pain flares and dizzy spells i often get. Something i can focus my mind on.

I have always wanted to try drawing and writing a manga of my own, and i already have a few ideas. I know there are a lot of books but i am a total novice when it comes to art, and i am not even sure if i have a knack for it. My biggest problem is consistency, and you kind of need that when it comes to Manga unless you are drawing something goofy and obscure. I also struggle when it comes to 3D objects.

So does anyone have some solid advice when practice doesn't necessarily help?
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Posted 8/2/15
I could spout advice for days, there is a ton that goes into it if you want to make it a decent manga. Look up on "WhyteManga" on youtube. It's some variation of "whyt" or "Whyte" (ironically it's a black guy doing the vids). The guy who makes them is published by a minor company, he's not amazing but has some good videos if you're just starting.

For your consistency problem the best way is to make markers for your characters that you keep in mind. For example Barney from the Flintstone's body is exactly the size of his head, character X's eyes are Y far from his nose, that kind of thing. It's also important to make sure facial features are unique and belong to a specific character. This is the best way to establish some consistency without something more blatant like putting cat ears or a scar on their face.

Hope this helped, good luck!
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Posted 1/5/17
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