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Posted 8/2/15 , edited 8/2/15
To clarify the title (and i hope this is the correct place to ask what people think and if they believe it's a good idea, or a flop of an idea), i mean an area - much like the current manga section where the community can upload their own mangas they have made themselves.

Now in a world where things like kickstarter and greenlight are flourishing and people all over the world are managing to make their own dreams come true, giving people access to brilliant media otherwise not possible i feel there is a hole in the market. (To elaborate i do not expect a kickstarter or greenlight for manga - just making a point).

Now i do not claim to have expert knowledge on this subject and i am more than sure there is websites i am missing. I also know that crunchyroll is extremely popular and well known as of late and continuously growing in popularity. I feel that a hole in currect media could be filled on crunchyroll and could work extremely well.

A simple place where the community can upload their own manga's (I am more than sure that people make them), this would probably work best as a free service for both sides - meaning crunchyroll does not pay the authors, the authors do not pay crunchyroll and readers don't have to pay the authors.

I've never heard of a place or website for mangas that anybody can use (as said i do not claim to have full knowledge) but even in the case there was one, i don't doubt crunchyroll could exceed it.

My point here is to ask you all what you think! Do you think this would work, do you think it would fail, do you think people would even upload anything.

Or like me, do you think it could be a place that sparks creativity and allows tons of people a free place to create any ideas they have circling their mind!?

I sincerely hope this is the correct place for such a thread, and i sincerely hope you all enjoy the idea.
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Posted 8/2/15 , edited 8/2/15
Sure, I'd read them.

Wait a minute...
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Posted 8/3/15
I don't usually read manga but I would be compelled to try
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