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Posted 8/2/15
So I just finished season 2 of Knights of Sidonia last night, and I'm ready to start a new anime. Only problem is, I don't know what to watch. I looked on Crunchyroll and my queue for about almost an hour and I was just stumped. I couldn't choose which anime to watch. So I need help. Would it be possible to recommend me an anime? I'm kind of looking for either a comedy/dramady (like along the lines of Love, Chunibyo, and other Delusions) or something that's a serious thriller/horror (like Another, Ghost Hound, Ghost Hunt), with good animation. If you could assist me, I would greatly propitiate it. -R.C.
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Posted 8/2/15 , edited 8/2/15
For comedy and drama, Check out working!!. I just started a few days ago and its goddamn great. I put it off for a few years because I thought it was just a normal SoL but its actually not a SoL its a comedy. Really funny.

Also if you have funimation or access to "other" options. Check out Shiki its a thriller/horror anime. Its probably one of the only anime to actually give me a few chills here and there, I love horror so I tend to never get scared but the atmosphere in Shiki in combination with the stunning and brilliant soundtrack give off an immensely creepy and overbearing sense of mystery and a bit of dread. It also has alot of moral ambiguity in regards to who is actually in the "right".
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Posted 8/2/15
I recommend,
Hanasaku Iroha
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

For horror/thriller maybe,
Deadman Wonderland
The Future Diary

I would recommend Shiki too, sorry if this doesn't help you.
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Posted 8/2/15
Go back to Netflixs and look at
Death Note
Vampire knight
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Posted 8/2/15
For the comedy/dramedy:
Listen to Me Girls, I'm Your Father
A Bridge to the Starry Sky
Non Non Biyori
Squid Girl
The Kawai Complex
World Conquest Zvezda Plot

This is the stuff on CR that would probably fit into the first category you're looking for. I don't know if you have access to any other anime sites or I'd suggest a few more.
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Posted 1/23/17
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