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Chubby Appreciation Thread
Posted 8/3/15

Clefairy <3
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Posted 8/3/15
I think big boned women are very attractive usually big booty and big boobs are prerequisites for big girl also make me big fan lol
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Posted 8/3/15
Chubby appreciation here?

anzn wrote:

Gross1985 wrote:

Depends on how you define chubby. If you define it like this, then no. I'm sorry; I know that's very bigoted of me, but there's a difference between being chubby and being a lard-ass.

So what should I say in my defense as to what type of body I have? Well, I'm thin, but I have a belly, which can be seen if I don't suck it in....which I can do, though I definitely don't have chiseled abs. Sorry, ladies.

Oh heck no.

That's legit unhealthy while chubby people can at least walk up the stairs without running out of breath or they have no problem going with doors.
I don't hate those people, but I can't completely hate/blame them bring like that. Some actually have dome sorta disease, or a real bad food addiction, etc. I know people like that, and its real hard for them to get over it. But they're trying at least.

But people who don't then also complain...Nah :/

Well at least we have some kind of agreement.

As for those who complain about being fat while contributing to it, I think most of them are Tumblrites. They make up all sorts of definitions and such. The fat ones will force what they call "fat acceptance". That ordeal with Protein World comes to mind.

capt_bunny wrote:

My grandmother told me that "a big tummy means a happy person." I kinda believe she is right.

Either way, this appreciation thread makes me glad.

That actually sounds plausible. Food makes people happy. There's food that's often called "comfort food", but most food can alleviate negative feelings such as depression and such. I don't fully know the science behind it, but it works, and this applies not strictly to women but pretty much everybody. Just be sure you don't eat too much.
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Posted 8/3/15

_prey wrote:

I'd appreciate if you fatties would stop eating my food

It's mine now,
One Punch Mod
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Posted 9/17/15
Closed because OP nuked.
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