Hamilton the musical
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Posted 8/2/15 , edited 8/2/15
There's a musical going on broadway (August 8, 2015) about one of the founding fathers.

CBS on the musical
Msnbc on the musical
minute long thing

It's about the life of Alexander Hamilton.
The writer of the show is acting as Hamilton in it, and did a thing for the white house here

Supposedly it's really good, and Hamilton himself has been a fairly controversial, but instrumental part of building the United States in it's early stages. As the first secretary of the treasury he convinced George Washington to help him build the early banking system, essentially founding america's initial financial system and economic policies, and wrote one of the most influential set of papers on interpreting the constitution. He was against free trade, for a strong federal government, constantly argued with Jefferson, had an affair with the wife of a conman which destroyed his career, and was killed in an illegal dual with Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson's vice president.

There was a lot of drama

So, what's your opinion?
Are you a theater person?
Would you want to watch it?
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Posted 8/2/15
now... i love theatre and all (usually), but i'm not into us history; i don't care about america but i do love other country's history
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