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Steven Universe
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Posted 8/19/15 , edited 8/20/15
This thread could technically be under the "anime" section for discussion because of how much it has been influenced by anime! It is literally an amazing show and I kinda wish more people watch it. I also wish that there weren't as many "stevenbombs" because a normal schedule is better for views for the show. Honestly, it's a great show that is a little underrated (in comparison with something like adventure time), but it's still a great show. That, along with Gravity Falls, are the only shows I watch on tv anymore...
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Posted 9/17/15 , edited 9/17/15
For anyone interested Cartoon network has the ore resent episodes for legal streaming (requires an account, bout that's free).

^ [offtopic] My family is thinking about canceling to tv, and just using Hulu, Netflix and Crunchyroll. It might be worth doing that and using Cartoon Network's site instead.

Edit. Never mind the site only works if you have a tv provider that carries cn.
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Posted 9/17/15 , edited 2/17/16

animegirl2222 wrote:

Well, that makes more sense, thank you for the clarification.
I think it's nice to see a western cartoon that has canon lesbians, actually. Or bisexuals. Who knows how the gems really identify it. And one targeted more at a younger audience too.

The gems are nonbinary, confirmed by Rebecca Sugar herself. However, since they can take any form they want, one can assume that gems usually lean more towards the feminine side. They can also form genitalia, since Rose Quarts was able to give birth. I'm really not sure what a relationship between two nonbinary people would be called, but it's definitely queer. And also definitely confirmed!! It's a nice change of pace.
There is also the fact that Stevonnie, a fusion of Steven and Connie, is both a boy and a girl (though appearing as very feminine), but every character they encounter was attracted to them.
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Posted 9/23/15 , edited 9/23/15
I wanna be the voice actor for Lion -.-
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Posted 10/10/15 , edited 10/10/15
I will always love Steven Universe. Specifically Rose and that amazing hair. (´ ▽`).。o♡
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Posted 4/6/16 , edited 4/6/16
Here reporting yet another fan of Steven Universe! as well surprised to find cartoons this good in this time and age!

The thing that got me from the show was the music and the neverending references to the Legend of Zelda! I love that in a show, the solid and well elaborated plot and the feels.

Have you ever encountered a strong oposition to the show? once I proposed a crossover with a videogame and got flammed over it! I know that happens a lot on the internet but I keep wondering what could awake such responses to a show with one of their main themes is about being compassionate and trusting to everyone!

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Posted 12/30/17 , edited 12/31/17
Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no new posts since 12/31/2016.
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