A Group to watch anime together?
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Posted 8/3/15 , edited 8/3/15
I have an idea about what could Crunchyroll could bring to approach more of anime lovers and those who love to watch or show friends anime that they enjoy or plan on watching.

Perhaps a group chat and to link and watch an anime show together.

Each of the users would have the power to pause the show if needed as well as resume playing, once a user pauses or resumes, it does the same action on the other users screen. A small chat on the side as users watch the anime or even full screen the show. There could be a search bar or a link bar, to bring up anime for those who are in wanting to watch and once the anime is chosen, even the next selected episodes will show.

As this idea is brought up, I am wanting to see opinions and other ideas.
If CR is into the idea, I am sure they will have more implanted ideas upon this feature as well.

I hope my examples and explanation was decent.
Posted 8/3/15 , edited 8/3/15
@ you being the only one participating in that video.
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