customer support issues?
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Posted 8/3/15
So I have contacted customer support twice now (once 3 months ago and the latest 2 weeks ago) and still have not received a response. They have been charging me premium 3 times a month for this account for 3 months now and are refusing to get back to me about it. I am now in the negatives and about to get charged a fee for being in the negatives which is enough to cause me not to be able to pay my rent this month which will result in my eviction. Does anybody know another means of contacting them? What is everybody else's experience with this? I am so stressed and have been crying over this. I work 3 jobs and can still hardly afford to live and this site is the only money I spend aside from necessities (I have free internet and don't spend money on TV service.) Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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