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Posted 8/5/15
Here is my problem, and its a bit odd.

On my Xbox One or WiiU I suddenly have a very limited selection of videos in both Anime and Drama. In fact the drama section seems to have only cos-play and car videos. Also my queue suddenly has only two shows visible. While in the same home with the same internet and the same account information I can log into the PC or on my tablet and see the full selection of videos and my complete queue. At the current moment the PC shows the most recent update as 'Rin-ne' and the Xbox one shows 'Folktales from Japan'. I haven't tried to hook up the older systems to see if it has the same problem on the 360 or not but it seems to me that clearly there is something wrong with however the TV Apps connect to crunchyroll servers as opposed to the website/tablet apps.

This has happened before and I have no idea why but it fixed itself after about a week. But it's more annoying now as I am currently off from work and was hoping to enjoy some binge watching.

I have also noticed that when it was working properly that trying to watch the new releases within an hour of them being posted would tend to crash the app and the entire show would disappear from the catalog only to return a few hours later and finally be able to watch.
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