Dinner Date vs Come Dine With Me
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I love both shows, great to watch with others. I just find them very entertaining really.

Here's a little about both:

Come Dine With Me

This competition features amateur chefs competing against one another to see which one gives the best dinner party. The guests give each chef points, and at the end of the competition, the host with the most -- points, that is -- wins a cash prize. There's no end to what these contestants will do in their quest to win.

Diner Date

A cooking dating game show, Dinner Date puts love on the menu for single guys and girls. Each programme gives one lucky person the chance to find true love over three meals cooked by a blind date in their own home

Doesn't matter if you haven't watched either and you might have seen shows of a similar nature before but just going off the idea, which would you prefer to be on?
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I would prefer to be on neither. I don't really like these type of shows, but if I had too choose one...hmmm *thinking intensifys*

Probably Come Dine With Me. Even though I'm not a particularly social person I would find it easier too interact with a group than with a single person (Dinner Date). I know it sounds odd, but in a one-on-one situation I would feel as though I need to entertain the 'date', all the heat would be on me. Whereas in Come Dine With Me I could be taken out of the spotlight and let everyone else talk.

Hostess wise- ugh f***. Yep as I've explained above ^.

P.S. I am a terrible cook. I live off of Dolmio microwave Pasta pots. So that's what I'd serve people That would give the sarcastic narrator in Come Dine With Me lots of ammo
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