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Posted 8/5/15 , edited 8/6/15
Hello all!
I was curious as to what the Video player's Kbp/s is and how fast of internet do you need to stream 1080p in mbp/s?

By the kbps I mean the bitrate and in Mbps I mean download speeds.

I stream at 720 as I never notice the difference .

And while we are at it , anything you'd like to see added to the player? I'd like to see 2 tone colour so I know how much i have pre downloaded.
Thanks in advance!
Posted 8/5/15 , edited 8/6/15
One more time in English please.
Posted 8/5/15 , edited 8/6/15

For 1080p videos, a speed of at least 4000 kbps (4 mbps) is needed.

One more time in English please.

I believe he wants to know the bitrate of the 1080 video is encoded at and the connection speed needed to stream it smoothly.
He also wants something like YouTube does with the grey bar indicating how much has been downloaded/ buffered and the red bar indicating play time.
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