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Hiroshima - 70 Years Since The Atomic Bombing
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Posted 8/7/15 , edited 8/7/15
Nobody should be apologizing to anyone at this point for anything during that war. The people who committed the wrongdoings back then are either dead or extremely old now. Imagine someone telling you to apologize for something your grandfather did. Why should you? Hell no. Even if the Japanese military did some bad things back then, so has everyone else's militaries. It blows my mind when people get all crazy over the Japanese thanking their soldiers. That's the Japanese culture. They thank everyone for their service just as you think some of your own soldiers are heroic.

Awful scenes of mangled bodies? That is honestly very unfortunate, but you weren't there and you didn't do it. Killing is a part of war like how slaughtering animals is necessary in order to eat meat.

Japan wasn't going to surrender if there was no bombing, it seems. It would have prolonged the war. Obviously, a big bomb is going to do some big damage. That's the point. It scared the Emperor into surrendering since he probably thought there was more where that came from.

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Posted 8/7/15

mersiere wrote:

It pains me that this ever happened. I studied this in college as part of my History A Level. I don't view America or Japan as the bad guys, they both have done some pretty terrible things. It is a matter that something like this should never have happened, the worst part being this didn't teach any part of the world that war/killing people is not the route to go down.

But i'm a pacifist and an idealist.

I like your post. A lot of people I believe view America's decision to drop the bomb as one of evil and not necessary. However, Japan did attack force and forced our hand. If it were my son having to storm Japan and possibly lose his life because of a fight they started, I wouldn't hesitate to drop the bomb. But the fact that nuclear weapons ever came into the picture and the fact it did take many innocent lives is a shame. Nobody wins and Japan paid with the bomb for their attack and siding with evil. No apologies needed from either side and I'm just glad that if anything good came from this war is every side was taught a lesson.
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Posted 3/15/16
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