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Posted 8/6/15 , edited 8/6/15
When I first got into Death Note, I glanced at the creators names. Tsugumi and Takeshi start with and end with the same letter. This also goes for their last names. When I found out Tsugumi was a pen name, I forgot about their name similarities. When I was reading the Death Manga recently, I had an urge to find out who Tsugumi really is. That's when it occurred to me, Tsugumi only wrote two mangas(not including the one collab he did in 2014). Takeshi Obata illistrated both of them. In Bakuman, Moritaka and Takagi combine their names with Miho Azuki to make an alias, or a pen name. In any quotes, I always see Ohba saying deep phrases or riddles. Obata usually goes personal. This may be their coverup so people don't compare their writing styles. I also noticed their handwriting is similar on their Bakuman storyboards. Takeshi consists the kanji "shi", which means Death. Since Ohba wrote wrote Death Note, this is a huge coincidence. I think Obata made the Ohba alias to initially write Death Note. I have googled this countless times but was surprised to see that no one had the same theory. Unless I'm missing something huge, this may be a great theory. Comment and tell me what you think.
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