Houseplant identification
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Posted 8/7/15
Not exactly anything anime-related, but, might as well ask here...

Have this plant in the house, I assume it is blooming?;

Pretty sure it's not a Lucky Bamboo, this one is around 30 years I think, if it was it would have busted through the roof by now. This one only reached the ceiling in the last few years. Besides, it doesn't have any off-shoots as you would expect from something like Lucky Bamboo, instead grows straight from the base to top in one stalk, nor are the blooming pictures I've searched anything like the one in the picture.
Could be a palm of some sort? But can't find quite similar ones, and once again any blooming pictures are nothing like the one in the image.

Still, it strikes me as the type of plant one would expect to see commonly, but I'm somehow missing the correct answer in my searches. Anyone out there who can fill in?

Lack of offshoots it's a bother too, as this one starts to be a little too tall...
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Posted 8/7/15
I used to have one of these! It's called a Corn Plant:

Very cool that yours is actually flowering. Looks kind of dusty though... you might want to give it a good heavy misting or put it in the shower/take it outside for a rinse-off (cold water of course).
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Posted 1/23/17
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