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People you can never hope to get along with
Posted 8/9/15

frankvr6 wrote:


That movie is so me. It's almost painful how close it is.
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27 / M / Dallas
Posted 8/9/15 , edited 8/9/15
Kleptos, liars and hypocrites.
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23 / M / Chicago, IL
Posted 8/9/15
People who disrespect
People who are ignorant
People who gets offended by little things
Internet trolls
People who don't understand you
People who wants a lot of attention
Selfish People
People who likes to annoy me enough to ruin my day.
and Racist people.

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23 / California
Posted 8/9/15
kidding, kidding.

People who:

- judge others by their looks and act extremely rude to them based on that assumption only.
Example: Every time my mom sees someone with tattoos or baggy clothes, she assumes they're in a gang and treats them like literal trash.

- are anti-lgbta+, racist, and just ignorant to others beliefs or who try to force their beliefs on others.

- refer to others as "humans" and mean it in a malicious way as if they're not human and/or are trying to separate themselves from the species because "ew humans r so dumb" and therefore think they're cool.

- don't respect other's space or who jump on everyone because they think its "kawaiiii"

- are rude to the homeless/mentally ill/physically disabled.
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29 / M / Long Island
Posted 8/9/15
People who:

- Are prejudice towards a specific group of people because of race, religion, nationality etc.

- Are pretentious

- Are socially conservative

- Are not open to the idea that they might be wrong about something

- Refer to me as "mah nigga"

- Can't express their disapproval about something more eloquently than "It's gay"

- Buy into every conspiracy theory

- Are obsessed with weed

I try to get along with people, but these things are turn offs for me when they apply to someone.

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23 / M / England
Posted 8/9/15
Hard to say really. What counts as getting along with someone? Face to face I can potentially get along with almost anyone who isn't an overly judgmental asshole if being able to be around someone counts as getting along. Online it's a bit different as I don't really hide the deeper parts of me then.
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Posted 8/9/15 , edited 8/23/15

anzn wrote:

Who are some people you can never see yourself getting along with?
Tbh, there is a lot of people who I can never get along with, which might be why I have a somewhat small group of people I talk to.

- Anti-religious
- Dumb/Ignorant people (I find them boring/irritating to talk to tbh)

I feel like there is more, but those are pretty much the ones I would never like to just talk to. Even if they might like me, or treat me nicely or w/e, but if they're like any of the things I listed... I just can't see myself lasting very long with them at all.

Those people, I see, are most likely idiots, annoying, and huge jerks anyway from my experience.

Yo, for real. I can't get along with atheists no matter what. They have like nothing else to believe in, so they worship Darwinism or something. They keep talking about how X is better than X or they're better than Y, so everyone who isn't as good as them or X or whatever, deserve to die and not take up our resources.... "survival of the fittest." Geez, even animals care for their wounded.

And then they use their atheism as a bulletproof excuse to not believe in anything that isn't even spiritual. For example, I was talking to some atheist dude, and I was like, "oh yeah earthing. There's a lot of health benefits there." And he said something so ignorant like, "Putting ur feet in the dirt isn't going to rid toxins from your body." -_- and then I linked him to university-backed studies with voltage readings and antioxidant studies done by doctors from the NIH. Earthing is medically-supported and academically-supported as healthy and beneficial. But, what did the atheist guy do? He just used his atheism and said, "Nah, that new age shit is crap. I'll stick to non-whack job science." <-- ignores all the medical and scientific findings, uses the excuse that atheism + traditional allopathic medicine can't be trumped... and it's bulletproof.

Idk guys.
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Posted 8/9/15 , edited 8/9/15
I can get along with anyone (yes, even what society deems as "bad" people). Doesn't mean I want to or will though.

As long as someone isn't affecting me personally in a way that I mind, then I got no problem.
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M / Australia
Posted 8/9/15 , edited 8/23/15
iam a pretty easy going and open minded person but yeah i agree with some of what you guys have posted.
I dislike people who are;
No sense of humor
People that have too much white guilt and are on the band wagons and over compassionate, bleeding hearts, save the environment, cant discipline a child, every man is a violent rapist pervert pedo, everything is racist, everything is sexist, animals are more important that humans, everything is offensive, the ones who super support immigration and bending over backwards for their beliefs and culture and religion, the ones that act like your a bigot or ignorant and that they are so intelligent or something, etc
Super religious people

Um, my sisters boyfriend? lol nar we kind of get along now a days. ^^;
Posted 8/9/15 , edited 8/9/15
don't get how people have lists. Is this a standard thing? Are my standards really low? lol
Posted 8/9/15 , edited 8/9/15
Almost everything stated so far is one likes selfish people, hypocrites, liars, arrogants, ignorants etc so, besides the obvious, I don't really have a list.

However, I would instantly hate anyone who mistreats animals and children.
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F / ここに
Posted 8/9/15
- Weeaboos (sorrynotsorry)
- Trolls
- Homophobes
- Mainstream/popular people (at school)
- Racist people
- Slackers
- Players
- Loud people
- Liars

As you can see, I dislike a large majority of the population. Italicized are the ones I can't stand. But I do think I'm a pretty easy going/laid back person and I really do try to like everyone and see the good in them.
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25 / M / A town called "Ci...
Posted 8/9/15 , edited 8/9/15
People who dislike Mario
People who dislike Kannazuki no Miko
People who dislike Klonoa
People who dislike Ed Edd n Eddy
People who are racist
People who are flat out dicks
People who harm babies
Posted 8/10/15 , edited 8/23/15
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Posted 8/10/15
Everyone, people they all suck.
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