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I just don't have anything to live for. (Not a Suicide Thread)
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Posted 8/15/15 , edited 8/15/15
I can relate to this a lot because I used to have a similar problem myself and I've posted about it here several times in the past. It sucks, but you can pull through it. My life still isn't ideal, but I'm a lot happier than I used to be because I've given myself goals to achieve and if I don't, well then at least I had fun. What the poster about me said is true, no matter how bad the situation is, the only one that can change it is you.

I've learned that the hard way, and I'm sure that you might eventually, but sitting around thinking about it doesn't help at all. I know that from experience. What you really need to do is take a step back, look at yourself and see what you're good at and what you want to be doing and set some goals to get yourself there. Want to get away from the house you're living in? Work towards that. It might take a while, but the sooner you start, the better.

Friends and romance are a bit trickier. I've never been good with people, but that's what I'm working on right now. I am fortunate in that the career path that I've chosen is a very social one. I regularly meet with and speak to people, and that has already helped me with my confidence and social anxiety a whole lot. Obviously that's not going to be for everyone, but it's not outside the realm of possibility to get yourself some friends. You just have to stop thinking about what people will think and go for it.

I know it sounds crazy, but that's really all there is to it. At least in my situation, anyway, and you seem to be in a very similar place. So while people will tell you to get counseling, think about it, but don't necessarily think that it's the only thing that will help you. It will definitely help, but it's just the first step. There's only so much that counseling can do for you before you realize that you are in control of your life.
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Posted 8/16/15 , edited 8/16/15
Agreed, 100% dude. Eventually you hit a certain age where counseling only consists of answering questions you already know the answer to. Use your head for more than a hat rack, really think about it. Well said Red, spoken from experience no doubt!
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Posted 8/16/15 , edited 8/16/15
This is a stage most of us will pass through in life, given your age I'd say it's about time and the process is called "becoming an adult". You will find out that life is not what you learned in school also that unlike school life is not a straight forward line , it will become what you make of it and there are no set paths or fixed outcomes.

When you are faced with these facts you will look on your life as insignificant sometimes even worthless as you fully understand that you are in fact not the centre of the universe.

But early adulthood is just a starting point and most of us start at "zero", but given what you are going through I'd say you got a "heads up" as you already seem to have a full grasp on what supid idiots you'd like to avoid for the rest of your life and that is good, life is too short to waste it on spending time with people you can't stand, but the rest is up to you.

I went trough a similar phase a few years back, also had suicidal thoughts and generally didn't feel good, I never visited a shrink, I cut ties with people I couldn't stand and travelled by myself (I recommend that strongly).
Posted 8/16/15 , edited 8/17/15
Start by making a plan. A time schedule even. That way you won't have to think or worry about it; you just "do" whats planned.
And if you want to ignore those people you live with, listen to this with earphones: Helps seriously. Don't think about dying, only thoughts are what lead to unhappiness
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Posted 8/18/15 , edited 8/18/15
first of all, you're not alone. there's plenty of people feeling just like you right now. they just don't have the courage to speak up and seek for help. so be proud of yourself because it shows you aren't willing to give up. :)

all i can say is you are more likely to feel that way if you're alone, so go out and try to meet people. it could be friends, family, or even attempt to make new friends.
don't be afraid of failure or rejection. you will only succeed at something after you've failed a couple of times. as long as you're giving your best you shouldn't be ashamed. know that your best is enough. you will eventually succeed.
if your friends ignore you they aren't really your friends. don't panic! most people go through this... sometimes we feel we have a strong connection with someone but they might not feel the same way about us. well, whatever! you treat them as your friends because that's how you feel about them and there's nothing wrong with that. you can't control other people's feelings so just accept them, but don't let them treat you badly.

as for love, you either seek out for it or let it find you. that's a tough one for everybody.

there will always be judgemental people, you either stay away from them or you gotta learn how to deal with them so you don't get affected by all the negative feelings they give you.

most people would tell you "seek for professional help" or "i can't really help you because i've never felt that way", but not me.
i've felt that way before and sometimes i still do, and i think that happens to all of us. and sometimes professional help is just not what you really need... it might help, but will it make your problems disappear? how will professional help help you when you're alone? when you're feeling lost? will you care about it? i don't think so.

everybody has their own needs, and the only person in this world who truly knows them it's you.
you are the only one who has the power to change your circumstances. you are the only one who can change your life.
life may knock you down sometimes, but you just have to get up again! and again and again!
do treasure your lives! if you don't, nobody will. don't expect from others what you're not willing to do for yourself.

i just want people to think of this when they get suicidal thoughts... how would death benefit you? is death worth more than being alive? i think we all know the answer to this question.
if your heart is still pumping, if you're "here" right now, it only means you're meant to be alive. you born for a reason. what's your reason?
most of us don't know our own reasons... you just gotta find them! for some it might be people they love; or doing what they love; others want to pursue their passions and dreams; having successful careers; etc.

we all have problems, and nobody has the right to tell you that your problems aren't worth worrying about because there are people going through a lot more. guess what, you're not living their lives, you only get to live yours!
so for a moment stop thinking about others and the problems of the world for once (because it will only get you more stressed out) and focus on yourself. focus on how you feel.

you're the only one stopping you from achieving whatever it is that you want.
bad things will always happen, it's the way you deal with them that will change your life for the better or the worse.
it always comes to a decision. change your thoughts, change the way you feel and keep a positive mindset no matter what happens. i know it's hard, believe me, i've been there! i know what it's like to feel lost, and i know what is like to feel that life is meaningless.
find something worth fighting for. something you wouldn't be able to give up on even if you wanted to.

don't you all think this is pretty sad? i mean, i'm pretty sure everybody in this world feels or has already felt like this before.
but WHY? we all want the same things, don't we? everybody wants to be happy, everybody wants to love and be loved, everybody wants to have their dreams come true, everybody wants to feel fulfilled, etc.
wouldn't it be a lot easier if people tried to understand how others feel for once?
the truth is nobody's going to have the perfect answers to your questions, because it will always depend on one's opinion. and even though i'm not sure this will help anyone, i hope it does. i hope that my feelings about this whole subject help people.
i think about this every single day! i always keep my feelings just for me, but now i feel like i have to support people and show them they're not alone!

thank you. right now you just helped me realise this is one of the things i really want to do: i want to help people.

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