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Please Kill Doflamingo - ONE PIECE -
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Posted 8/25/15 , edited 8/26/15

darkus1414 wrote:

but this show has shown the worst of the worst people getting off on torturing people. doflamingo making people kill there own family and the list goes on and on.

Thats some messed up idea of justice you have there.I know it's just a manga and I was never much of an religious person, but I was always of the opinion that no man has the right to play judge on the life of others.Yes Dofla is an despicable villain and has done some f**cked up stuff, but here is something you should think about: Would it change the past in any way by killing him? Would it bring satisfaction in a long term to the victims or change how the other villains will act in the future? Probably not as real life has shown us clearly.

Btw. If Oda managed to make you hate Dofla that much he must have done something right.

I personally find the whole "nobody has the right to take the life of another..." to be an entirely idealistic concept especially in the face one committing such explicitly heinous actions. "I mean sure he killed a hundred people and he may kill a hundred more, but we all have the right to live right?" No, killing will not change the past, but yes it would bring satisfaction to the victims if you've been watching pretty much the entire city wants to kill Doflamingo so yeah I do think it would give some satisfaction, also being dead it would be a definitive way of preventing anymore atrocities by said person. Anyway I don't think the OP was trying to start some moral discussion about the death sentence.

Personally while I love seeing Luffy and his crew lay the smackdown on the villains, it does feel like a lot of the villains get off too easy. I wouldn't say they necessarily have to be killed, but some long term consequence such as being beaten to the point of being crippled, or strip them of their devil fruit abilities or whatever would be great. Not just something like Crocodile later being found chilling in Impel Down. I will point out I do think Gecko Moriah is dead. I like what JoJo does, all the villain don't die, but we find some of them never fully recover from their injuries and must retire.
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Posted 8/25/15 , edited 8/26/15

SirWilburn wrote:
I will point out I do think Gecko Moriah is dead

Moriah has a history with Kaido, so if he's not dead, he'll show up in the next couple arcs as a possible temporary ally.
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Posted 8/26/15 , edited 8/26/15

CKD-Anime wrote:

Nobody dies in One Piece.

Whitebeard, Ace, and Ace's parents would LOVE to have a word with you about that.
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