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Posted 8/12/15 , edited 8/12/15
Ok... So, usually stream onto the Xbox. For the last 2 weeks now its been either error messages, lagging, freezing on the ads, or jumping during shows. We usually watch Fairy Tail so that's what I know its doing it in so far. It started with the error messages saying it couldn't connect to the crunchyroll server. This could be fixed by just exiting n making it reload, possibly 3-5 times >_<. Then after 4 days of that it started lagging during the show. Just randomly pausing to load/catch up. Then after a couple days of that it started freezing during the ads, also random. We'd have to exit n restart the episode to fix this, occasionally having it happen again in a different part of the show. NOW we can't even get through a whole episode without it jumping every 5-10 minutes! >_< (by jumping I mean like fast-forwarding about 20-30 seconds). This one there seems to be no quick fix to. We have tried reloading the episode, exiting crunchyroll n restarting, restarting the Xbox, and unplugging the internet n restarting that (thought at first it was a personal signal problem). NOTHING. This jumping has been going on now for the last week and we can not watch any episodes without getting so frustrated we just shut it off n sadly switch to crap we don't wanna watch on Netflix. At first I thought maybe it was the fires in Cali screwing with their sever but now I'm not so sure of that one... Is there ANY way to fix this issue?!?!?! Getting to the point we'd rather not even start up crunchyroll at all...
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Posted 8/12/15 , edited 8/13/15
Hey there. I just took a read at your post. Thanks for all of the info, it is really helpful. Right now my best advice would be to try to clear your cache and delete the app data and then uninstalling and reinstalling the Crunchyroll app. If there are still problems take a look at this link

The section called Getting to the Right Servers might be able to set you right. In the mean time I hope this was helpful and feel free to keep us posted on this issue.
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