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My cheese burger from Mc'Donalds is stale but still smells good help!
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Posted 8/13/15

andrewle888 wrote:

I was too full after eating most of my order from Mc'Donalds and threw away a perfectly good cheese burger. The next day I took it out of the trash and everything was fine and was still in the wrapping it came in undisturbed since I threw it away in the bag they gave me. Its stale now but it still smells good. What should I do? IM SCARED and HUNGRY.

Have a mod carry it over to the Chit Chat forum, and see if anybody there wants to take a test bite.

(which is just to say, I've moved this thread to the more appropriate "Chit Chat" forum.)
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Posted 1/8/17
Forum clean up. Closing all threads from 2015.
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