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21 / M / Houston, Texas
Posted 8/15/15
Welcome to Crucnhyrolls' "Razer Insider". ;)

I'm Devin, 18 years old, and live in Houston, Texas. Been watching anime/gaming since grade school.

It's the first time I've made a group, but I'm hoping it comes along nicely. If you'd like to moderate, send me a PM.

Otherwise, welcome to the group and please do enjoy your stay! ^.^

My profile on Razer Insider;
Profile on Steam;

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33 / M / UK
Posted 8/18/15 , edited 9/21/15
Hi everyone,

I guess I'll introduce myself here.

I've been watching anime for a while, probably since the late 90's or so, and I've not stopped since then.
I read some manga and I used to collect DVD's and some other merchandise, though I don't tend to buy stuff like that so much anymore. With the exception of the odd Nendoroid model

Gaming wise I used to play a lot back when I was in school, I remember my parents getting the first PC which I could properly play games on back around 96 or so, I used to wake up early before school to play on Dungeon Keeper and other games like Theme Hospital, Age of Empires, MDK and I-WAR. Though I did play some games before that like Doom and Lemmings.

As an aside check out the intro to I-WAR (from 1997) the video is still pretty good even today

I went though various phases with different genres of games (FPS, RTS, RPG etc...), after school I played a lot of Guild Wars while I was at university. When the game stated to die I tried WoW but never got into it. Then I just stopped playing games, partly because I was busy with other things, and also because I didn't really have a computer capable of playing modern games at that point.

So it's been a good few years, and I've decided to give gaming another go, partly because I was fairly hyped by WildStar, though I had been meaning to do this for quite a while. I ended up building myself a gaming PC early this year, and bought some of my first Razer gear to go with it.

Well that turned out rather longer than I was expecting...

Anyhow here's my profile page on Razer Insider:

and my profile on Steam (though I don't use it a huge amount at the moment):
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32 / M / Kansas
Posted 8/21/15 , edited 9/21/15
hello hello :)


im a quake player :!profile/summary/triopted

i like cats

3 death adders over the last 7 years ... they have only died from wine and falling over them
1 naga, a deathstalker kb, and a few pads

im a tech at a small computer store

im pretty bad at cooking

nice to meet you ^^^
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23 / M / Netherlands
Posted 10/17/15

Gaming was not a huge part of my life until..

I started gaming by watching my older nephew play a game called: Wolfenstein EnnemyTerritory.
This basicaly became what I lived for about 1,5 years of my life to be quickly followed by Kall Online.
Even tough I still focused on school etc, as soon as there was time> Wolf ET.
Speaking about wolf another great game my nephew showed: Wolf Team

Meanwhile I had an Gameboy, Gameboy DS, Gamecube.

Untill a friend introduced Xbox 360. He tried to get me a ps 2 before but that didn't do it.
So on xbox I got addicted to Cod and other games for a while. Untill after middle school I rediscovered my passion for pc gaming. I had just bought an ps3 wich I barrely touched (and now only for blue rays/dvd).

So yeah STEAM happened.. I came in right before a winter holliday sale. And well knowing me.. a person who likes to collect and thinks a bit about spending money, working on saturdays in a bakery, I figured hey, if I don't go down on money but up, while still buying games its fine right? And saved up for a while I bought a BUNCH of games. A shamefull amount but the price was so good.
12 games for the price of 1? Yes pls :P.

Tough I greatly enjoy games I'm a person that either rushes trough something (and then I mean do it in one go) or hop on hop of. Switching to 10 things at a time. Comming back a week, a month or whatever later to continue. So I have a bunch of games still open Hoping to start completing them some day 1 by 1 or 3 by 3. Whatever suits me.

About a year after steam I discovered theres more to PC gaming then Steam alone.. I rediscovered Wolf team a bit and Wolf ET (only bots T_T) I had to slap my hand recently not to go back to Kall online again :S But most importantly I discovered SMITE.

O boy am I a fanboy of SMITE. Now I can't play/watch things a long time but Smite I AT LEAST play once a day. From when I started. (HisShadow) << on there.

So yeah me in short: Gaming is life. Altough I don't see it as reality, it is a big part of my life, one where I don't have to worry about people watching me, where I can be "decent to very good in certain games" if I do say so myself. A place where I can live a 2nd, 3th, etc life over and over.

Also anime and books make me forget reality for just that moment. Awesome.
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