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Posted 8/17/15 , edited 11/29/15

Hi there my name is TheHamish and i am one of the new moderators of this SAO group. I hope that some of my new ideas are useful and make you experience more enjoyable!

The Youtube Channel
Okay so I know how time consuming it can be to go through a forum when you just want to find out some news about your favourites anime's and such? Yes? Okay so I thought it may be a good idea for this group to expand to a youtube channel! It would allow for members of this group to catch up on news of anime's in their own time, for example at work or on the train or even on the loo!
Now I realise that this group is a SAO based one, I'm not stupid but I believe that a GOOD anime news channel for the west is needed considering how many viewers there are! "But i just want to go and read stuff on the forums like the good ol days" FRET NOT GOOD SIR! I plan on making a video series of the ins and outs of forums which take place in this group!
"Why do this channel though? The Group is fine the way it is!" Yes correct! That is why this channel is only potential! I'd Love to hear what you all have to say about this, for example ways in which it can be even more finely tuned!
The biggest reason for this channel primarily is because you can't access the groups on crunchyroll via the mobile app? I don't know about the rest of you but I'm a heavy mobile data user and would find a way of catching up on stuff related to my interests very, ur, interesting!
Going to be longggggg evening running it so please if you want it to exist then do support it so I can afford to quit smoking. (the irony)

New Skin
So this group hopefully in the next 72 hours will be reskin to something a little bit crisper and eye catching. It is complete aesthetic and will not effect your usage of the group whatsoever. Sooo don't worry about this one!
(nobody cares Hamish, owwww )

Donation Chat
Okay! I understand that for some people it can be difficult to afford to pay for a premium membership, either they are too young and don't have a card or simple just do not have the disposable income to spend on this. Now I don't prejudice! I thought it would be a nice idea to have a permanent forum in which members who have lots of free premium trials in their inbox can donate them to people who can't afford to have premium. I do understand that the trials only work once or twice or something but it might be nice for people to experience it for a few days. Also. If you don't want to donate or don't want to take them then don't feel obliged this will be a judgement free forum so I hope lots of you will do something nice for your fellow members! But at the end of the day donate or don't its your choice and we wont think differently of you!
(It's like Christmas!!)

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