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Anime Series with Worst Hatebase
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Posted 8/18/15
Attack on Titan Haters: Too mainstream, slow paced, and not enough action episodes!

Sword Art Online Haters: Too mainstream, fast paced, and not enough story progression!
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Posted 8/18/15

another505 wrote:

Attack on titan

Cause they just wanna be hipster, hating something mainstream

I never understood tho, it's not the series fault they exploded in popularity :/ people just don't like new things coming.

DerpyFan wrote:

Akame Ga Kill, especially when many of the characters dies.

I forgot about AgK, thy get two types of hate: because characters die and because the anime is a terrible adaptation(I am the second one but just for the anime I love the series overall) sometimes people should really take a good look at the genres before starting something amirate?
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Posted 8/18/15 , edited 8/18/15

sonic720 wrote:

SAO, they never shut up, even when fans are silent.

^ This.

I think the SAO hatebase takes the crown easily. I do agree though that the KLK hatebase can be bad and same with the AoT hatebase, but SAO is just on a whole other league.

People have brought up School Days, but luckily I haven't ran into many haters of that so I wouldn't know too much of their complaints. I personally thought it was a good anime.
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Posted 1/26/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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