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Poaching: Crimes to Better Humanity
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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
I don’t juts mean the illegal stuff(sharks and abalone) I’m also taking aim for the sickly thought up plans like killing these adorable baby seals(really now its like looking at a baby and saying,” too bad but I need some cash") also most of my knowledge about the matter comes from my experience.

first off sharks: one of my favorite animals just had a steaming bowl of shark fin and made me kind of guilty since there are so little of them left, they taste so good.
Abalone: not sure why these guys are endangered really I had some at the Asian pearl and wondered, "why the hell do people like them so much?" it taste like the sea and has the texture of dough.
Baby seals: really need I say more.
the point I’m trying to get to is what is your stand on poaching? Also I would like to know if you have contributed to poaching in any way. (If you could ignore all the other stuff I said that would be great)
Oh yeah,

Posted 2/6/08
Isn't this like the fur thread????execpt it's poaching. I love shark fin soup and Abalone sushi, tehyare both very delicious. I don't know about seals though.
Posted 2/6/08
i think its ok. as long as we don't kill every single one of them i think its ok. sure just keep like a few thousand and were good. and if people think i have no soul its called being on top of the food chain. its a dog eat dog world out there. and if people say were not animals then i say. wuts evolution then? exactly so i say pauch since there good but just leave like a few thousands
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Posted 2/6/08
Ehhh! Ive seen this. Theres Youtube of this. It happens mainly in Canada! Its very nasty (Seals). But oh well, they use everything on them, not just fur , but every single thing. So its kool with me!

poaching Elephants! now thats wrong. they killed and take the trunk. thats bad!
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F / at your left
Posted 2/7/08
paoching is supposed to be a kind of past time...
but people nowadays...define it as killing ....hunting...
now, its turning out to be nasty
Posted 2/8/08
Gosh, go eat some tiger penis....might make you potent again...(sarcasm)
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Posted 2/8/08
Who are we to take another being's life? Well, we eat animal almost every day, does that make us guilty of contribute with poaching? Still that is something only the hunters should think about.
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Posted 2/8/08
Didnt they made a movie about this?
OH YEAH they did.

Phoque, Le film is a documentary of 53 minutes about the seal industry. It give the chance to the "madelinots" (people who lives in "les iles de la madeleine" ) to express themself on the many aspects that the media pushed away from the public eye.

The movie is realised by Raoul Jomhpe, a vegetarian for more than 20 years, that is a active militant in many ecologist mouvement... but the information he had on the seal hunt was sounding somehow like it have been not telling the whole story. "I like the madelinots in general, they are nice people... so i couldnt understand how they could be turning into barbarians lmagicly in the winter" say M. Jomhpe. His movie is about the point of view of the "animalists" (very important to make a difference between animalists and ecologist, will make a more exhaustive explanation later) , the hunters, La garde cotiere (which are the police of the sea) and a comparaison with the technique used in surrounding slaughterhouse (wow, you have gross words in english) for the killing of animals.

The movie was making big waves before even its worldwide diffusion, since the preview show Rebecca Aldworth, director of Canadian Wildlife Issues à la Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) defending her "animalist" with seal that been clubbed by them behind her, then a voice off mention that the seal they just clubbed was still alive moving and trying to go away... so they replace it in place so its stay in front of the camera. They will wait and film 45 minutes before they finnaly allowed a hunter to come and finish the poor animal misery.

Raoul jomhpe made movie about the innus caribou hunt as well and thats where he heard about the seal hunting propaganda (I would say DESINFORMATION but someone gonna jump off and scream at me inst it ?) Actually, because of the animalists, the seal hunting goes a bit to waste. With all their propaganda, alot of the perfectly fine part of the seal, specially the fat that can be used for cosmetic and for cream for medical purpose, dont have a good press so compagny, scared that the animalist will go knock at their door and give bad press, refuse to buy it. The result is that the seal meat, fat and such is WASTED while the whole animal could be used.

People that try to save the planet. The ecologist are NOT against the seal hunting since its not crual* and its not causing any harm to the ecology and the planet. Actually, since the seal population is 3 time supperiors now of what it was in the 70's they actualy agree that something must be done.

People that elevate the animal above the human being. That will think animals are more than human. They will usually say that killing animal is a "murder" while thats a term reserved for humans.

*The ecologist are NOT against the seal hunting since its been scientificly prouven the way they kill the seal (clubbing kill instantly and since you are just next the animal, if something happen you can put out the misery very fast... while with a gun, from distance, if you miss the animal and just wound it, it will slide into water again and suffers and die many hours later)

Official website:

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Posted 2/8/08
I don't mind the killing of an animal if it is strictly regulated and highly limited. I don't agree with the killing of animals during childhood though. I think they should at least live until adulthood to be targeted for hunting. Perhaps, we can make rules on how to hunt animals as well. The big issue with poaching is the rising human population and advanced in technology allowing us to hunt things more efficiently. Back in the day, you can spend days to catch one animal. Now, we have tracking devices, vehicles, etc. Not to mention that we think that the more you kill is better since it isn't used for personal use or trade. It is sold for cash which we all want. It's easy for a lot of us to say that it is wrong and that we would never do it. But we're in the luxury of time sitting behind a computer. Some of these people do this as a means to survive and feed their family. Anyway, special licenses, regulations, and limitations should be kept on poaching. (and should be strictly enforced) It looks sad to see a furry animal die but I have to remind myself that we're sort of being superficial by defending and posting articles on cute or attractive animals while other species are dying out as well. I've never heard of anyone defending a species of insects dying out.
Posted 2/8/08
I am vegetarian
so what ever I say
will be biased.

you shouldnt
poach for fun
there is an over population
but if its for fun
then wtf..

like that really angers me.

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35 / M / O CANADA!
Posted 2/8/08
nkay, poaching is wrong. but the thing about the seals is that it isn't poaching. it is a traditional form of hunting that is allowed by the canadian government. poaching is when you stop your car by the side of the road cause you saw a deer out of season and you shoot it for the antlers. poaching is killing an elephant for it's horns and so on and so forth. poaching is wrong. hunting is not,
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28 / F / Australia
Posted 2/8/08
How about the senseless killing of the whales and dolphins?? For what was it ... supposed research?

You know I am not someone who gets passionate too often about things. But this, this outright disgusts me and stabs at my heart so deep down because we know what we know about how humans have killed species to the point of extinction.

The poor whale mother and baby.

It's just disgusting.

Hunting I do believe is a different idea all together. Even if slight. There is a different motive when one hunts and when one poaches i guess. Whether they are "right" or "wrong" would be another idea all together. I persoanlly couldn't do it and so I know I am such a hypocrite if I say I can't personally kill my food, but I will eat it if someone else does. But thats a different idea all together! ... again.
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Posted 2/9/08
I'm for hunting if it's for food, and not for sport. I respect someone's decision to be a vegetarian or a vegan, even if I personally cannot part with pork unless my life depended on it.

Poaching is a problematic thing in today's society, especially when it comes to the hunting of endangered animals. Unfortunately a lot of poachers are poor, and the people who buy the animal parts raise the price of the parts the more an animal becomes rare. Such is the case with the Sumatran Rhino; their horns go for seriously big amounts of dosh on the black market because there's only, what, five hundred left?

It's a vicious cycle. The best way to stop poaching is to remove the worth of the parts of endangered animals, or to provide proper education and employment to all of these areas where poaching is widespread. Both are hard to do, granted, but I think that it's manageable. Costa Rica brought a number of species back from the brink of extinction; what's stopping us from doing the same?
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Posted 5/26/08
Animal will be extinct.... so poaching is a big NO NO
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